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These compressed facial cleansing sponges work great to gently cleanse away make-up and impurities. Highest quality vegetal base. Available in a convenient compressed form. Once wet, these sponges are soft and absorbent. A must have tool for facial cleansing, masks, makeups removal. For both personal and professional use.

Wet sponge before applying cleanser or makeup remover. Suitable for all skin types.

Vegetal base, in compressed disc form.

Best if you want to deep cleanse your skin and remove makeup with a soft, gentle sponge. The yellow sponges are round and measure approximately 3 inches across by 1/4 inch thick in their dry state, once you wet them they do become bigger. I apply a dime size (or less) amount of facial cleanser then rub the sponge together to distribute the product and work up a lather. The sponge allows for gentle daily exfoliating and very thorough deep-down cleansing that leaves my face feeling refreshed and looking brighter.

Using these sponges will make a huge difference in cleansing your face and getting rid of all your makeup. You’ll find these sponges to do a better job of removing dirt, oil and dry skin better than fingers alone. You don’t have to buy SPAresource sponges in particular, any cleansing sponge will do. The best way to keep sponges clean is to wash them with a mild cleanser of your choice, rinse very well and let thoroughly air dry. They will shrink back to their original looking state. These are also very affordable; a pack of 6 is around $4 CAD in Wal-Mart. Start getting cleaner skin right now!

Product (5/5)
Cost (5/5)
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (3/5) – I don’t particularly like the plastic wrapping.