• Ahaha I’ve never seen Pearson so EMPTY. This reminds me of how badly I want to get on a plane and go somewher :(

  • love yor overals and jacket!!

  • Very cute outfit for the airport! Could never pull that off myself though =x

  • cute outfit! and that in that last picture, you look like youre having so much fun! haha

  • lol, even in your just-running-around clothes you look fabulous! ♥ Love the idea for the spontaneous ‘photo shoot’ too, haha!

  • I’d love to live at an airport.

  • you must have been the most fashionable person at the airportt <3

  • Mia

    For some reason I like being at airports despite the long waiting time for departures. I’ve never been at an airport at midnight though..