Petite Feet Shoe Sale Review

H&M jacket & earrings, W♥C kuma maxi dress (Purchased from Tori), Vince Camuto shearling clogs

Yesterday, Joyce and I attended the Petite Feet Sample Sale in Mississauga. It was V.I.P day yesterday and we were invited by the company to come back and do another review for them. This time we were able to not only go to the sale, but we went also invited to go backstage as well. We took photos, made videos, did interviews, and of course, shopped for shoes!!

This time the sale was at the International Centre with much bigger space, a lot more shoes (over 20,000 pairs!) and with a new collection called Boutique Brands. The display is still very organized and there are plenty of employees working there to help you out with the shoes. Here are some photos from inside the centre:

I couldn’t believe how many people were there already. It was 10 in the morning on a Thursday, so I kept wondering to myself if these women had skipped work or school just to come to this school sale? It was starting to get aggressive already. There’s definitely more shoes and selection during this sale comparing to the Markham location. I’m assuming it’s because they have more spaces at the International Centre. As you can tell, the prices are listed all over the wall for this side of the sales floor. Everything ranged from $30 to $125 for leather boots.


Lindsay took us backstage to see how the company unloads their stocks. As you can tell from the photos, the boxes go on and on and on! There are over 20,000 pairs of shoes! The employees separate the shoes by sizes and then place them into assigned boxes. Afterwards, other employees from the floor will place them out onto the sale racks. When we were there in the morning, some of them were still unloading all the new shoes that just came in for Fall. Can you see all the Sam Edelman boxes? I have never seen that many pairs of shoes all in one place!

My Favourites

These are my favourite shoes chosen from the Boutique Brands section. Though the shoes in the section range from $75 to $175 for leather boots, it’s still quite affordable comparing what you will pay in other stores like Browns, Little Burgundy or B2. These styles newer than the ones from the regular section so that’s why they cost a little bit more.

I’m still in shock that they had the Sam Edelman Zoe, Zoyla, York and Joss there! I had wanted to get Lorissa but unfortunately, I didn’t see it at the sale. Maybe it was all sold out already!

The Zoe wedges are from their Fall 2010 collection and have been all over the fashion world and they were on sale for only $125 CAD! We first saw these shoes when Mary-Kate worn the original Balenciaga version of these harness booties back in 2006. Now these Sam Edelman ones have everywhere ever since!

Natalie, The Shoe Addict

We met Natalie, who’s an obvious shoe addict, there at the shoes sale. She’s not only carrying a basket in one hand, but she also has another basket full of shoes rolling on the floor. We were able to have a little chat with her and she’s such a sweet girl for letting us take photos of her.

Hear Me Talk

My first Youtube video…EVER…and I look so awkward in front of the camera! Thanks Joyce for putting this video together and her boyfriend, Jack for filming us!

What I Took Home

Of course I couldn’t resist getting the Sam Edelman Zoe wedges. It’s too beautiful to pass up and I’m can’t wait to wear them! I was actually sponsored for these shoes, so THANK YOU SO MUCH PETITE FEET!

So if you love shoes and if you’re in Toronto, you MUST got there NOW! Tell Lindsay and Larry that you heard it only from Emily and Joyce! They are really nice and great to talk to!

Here are the details: ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT!

6900 Airport Road Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8

Oct 21st: 10am to 9pm (VIP DAY)
Oct 22nd: 10am to 9pm
Oct 23rd: 10am to 6pm
Oct 24th: 10am to 6pm