• girl you pull this off so well! i love the boy shorts and how you took a classically “overweight pasty pale geek who plays magic all day” shirt into something super fashionable

  • Looking lovely & WARM, haha! Hope Nuit Blanche was fun! ♥
    & omg what day is your bday? I definitely wanna send you a card so let me know! :D

  • great outfit as always :D

  • Great outfit, especially the off-the-shoulder look. Hope that perfect dress for your birthday works out. :-)

  • Eva

    love this look!



  • Eli

    Loving the outfit..especially the trousers :)

  • Yay for finding the ideal dress!! You will look great in it :D

    You look great in the photo above. Love the ease of the tee!

  • nice look <3