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WEIGHT: 0 kg, 100 grams
BRAND: G&G/Dueba
DIAMETER: 14.5mm
LIFE SPAM: 1 year disposal

Finally received my first pair of pink circle lens from Kiwiberry last week. I had pre-ordered these back in May because I needed prescription and it took around 4 months to receive them (Another reason why I hate having to need prescription contacts!) ='( Reasons why it took so long was because the order I was placed in closed about a month after I had placed my order and also the post office really hates me! They had originally mailed out the first package in the beginning of August, but that somehow got lost in the mail so I never received it. Kiwiberry had to send me a replacement package near the end of August and I receive it during the beginning of September. So yes, it has been a long wait. However, most of these problems were no caused by the company and they were really nice with communication and also with answering my constant emails.

That’s pretty much the only thing that I didn’t like about these lens because the actual product is BEAUTIFUL! The pink colour is really, really subtle and it’s really pretty! I think because the pink blends with my natural eye colour, which is brown, thus, with some lighting these lens look somewhere in between a brown and violet. It looks very natural and these lens are also comfortable. I’ve worn this lens for over 12 hours and my eyes were still moist by the end of the day.

Purchase these at Kiwiberry.

Face of the Day:

-Gowoonsesang BB Cream SPF 30
-Physicians Formula mineral powder in Natural Beige
-NYC Brushable Creme Stick in Plaza Pink
-Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liner in Black
Sedona Lace 88 Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette (Review of this product will come later)
-Ebay Korean lashes
-Canmake Eyelash curler
-Revlon Colourburst Lipstick in 070 Soft Nude

Product (5/5)
Cost (5/5) – $20 CAD for a pair of circle lens is very affordable!
Comfort (5/5)
Packaging (4/5) – I took off a point for the lengthy shipping.

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  • Ohhh those look GREAT on you!!!

  • so lovely!


  • Hey! :) I’m supposed to have a pair from Kiwiberry as well :( It’s almost been 7 months and its still not here yet.*sigh* I blame it on my prescription eyes as well. I love these lenses on you, i might try them as well =)

    What day do you plan on going to the shoe sale? I went about 3-4 times now, i noticed that size 7-8 usually goes the fastest on the first day. their styles is pretty good, but only if you go early enough, because otherwise you’re left with really “lern” shoes (that’s in canto btw) lolol oh and on the poncho sweater, its from mom as well. I think its from Old navy a few years back. (she torn the tag off because it was bothering her) i think old navy have some pretty decent knitted ponchos this year.

    looks forward to more of your post!
    xoxo, Jayce

  • how cute! xx

  • oh my gosh! thats so cool!
    love your blog btw!

    following you!
    follow me back if you like :)

  • You are so pretty!!Make-up is cool!!

  • These contacts look awesome on you!! xx


  • Wow! its pink! They really look pretty! I got max pure in pink on now but they dont look obvious like yours! :)

  • Angie: Thank youuu! Yeah, I chose pink cause it looked really nice with the pink contacts :)

  • omgg your eye makeup is so pretty. i scrolled down and had to stare because it blended so well with the contacts

  • awesome that looks great on you, i think it looks greater with flash <3


  • Wow it is amazing how the pink tint makes your eye colour pop so beautiful xoxo

  • i never thought pink lanses could look that natural! looks so great~♥

  • Looks gorgeous, especially with that make! :O ♥

  • its very cute!! :D

  • Nav

    i’ve never used contacts before but those look so cool! love the little pink hints in them!



  • hey, they look really nice on you!

  • Eli

    pretty circle lenses!

  • i never used contacts before. :)