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Part of the Essie Fall 2010 Collection

One or two coat will be enough. I would start with a base first so the colour will not stain your actual nails. A top coat would also be useful as well because this polish takes a long time to dry.


Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I am not an Essie fan. If I have to choose, I would definitely take China Glaze and OPI over Essie. I always find that their polish are too sheer and a few coats are required. But I decided to pick up this colour because it reminded me a lot of the Chanel LE VERNIS 247 Khaki Vert. I’ve been obsessing over Khaki colours later and anything with a tint of grey. Thus, I couldn’t pass this nail polish up when I saw it in Shopper’s. I had really hoped that this would be a dupe for the Chanel polish, however, it’s not.

Chanel switch by: www.lacquerized.com

Sew Psyched dries darker than it is in the bottle and the swatches on the actual Essie website. The swatch that I made doesn’t even come close to the swatch of the Chanel polish. Now I think I need to get my hands on the actual Chanel polish. I’m so in love with anything grey for the Fall season. Another issue that I had with this polish is that it took a really long time to dry. Even though I had applied a quick dry top coat, when I woke up the next morning, there still scratches and dents on some of my nails. Overall, I’m very disappointed at the colour result. The polish looks more like an army green rather than a khaki green. I would only suggest buying this polish if you are looking for an army green.

On another note here are some of the polish that I had picked up for the Fall season. As you can probably tell, I’m loving anything with a hint of grey.

Rimmel’s Steel Grey, Sally Hansen’s Gray by Gray Essie’s Sew Psyched

Product (2/5) – Very disappointed at the color result.
Cost (5/5)
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (4/5)

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  • Anonymous

    why don’t you just mix the color to the tone of your liking? it’s not hard. u can buy empty nail polish bottles for cheap on amazon.com. for older polishes that get too thick and sticky, add a few drops of nail polish thinner (sold at sally’s) or plain old acetone.
    i hardly ever find a color that is exactly the shade i want, so if u like gray, buy a flat light colored gray or silver and start mixing!

  • i saved up a lot for that purse. haha!!! thanks for commenting. great blog! your nails look perfectly groomed. mine sucks.. haha!!

    come visit me again and hope you follow my blog as well. i too am having a giveaway: coach poppy charm! http://barestudy.blogspot.com

  • Oh my God, THANKS SO MUCH for this product review!
    I was so close of buying this color last weekend because (of course) it reminded me of Chanel Khaki Vert. But wow, don’t they look different?!? The Essie one is more.. moss-y? Now I’m thinking of trying the Merino Cool. Where did you get the Rimmel one? Shoppers as well? :D

    But anyways, unlike you, I love Essie polishes! I actually don’t like China Glaze’s consistency — too thick for my liking (but I love their color selections!) OPI is also a winner in my book :)


  • Gorgeous & it really does look similar to the Chanel polish! ♥
    I’m loving the new grey-tinged colours for this fall too~ I actually got the Sally Hansen one in colour Commander in Chic recently ♥

  • wow thats soo different result with chanel … :)

  • loving the color <3

  • it’s sad its not a dupe =( ive been eyeing the chanel khaki collection tooo but very out of my price range.. and of course obsessing with creme greys! :) great photo for the swatch. i struggle with the positioning and it just looks dumb/awkward so i never post swatch photos haha =P

  • I really liked sew psyched! It’s gorgeous esp your nails! Sally Hansen’s gray by gray is sooo pretty! I have that nail polish too and I am loving it (:

  • its a bummer that you didnt really like Sew Psyched. its pretty :) but im definitely digging the fall colored polishes right now too :D

  • Love this!!!! Wow, i pretty much love every product on there!
    xoxo Debby