• Love your style!! The necklace is so cute! <3 xX

  • Aw, cute casual outfit…is that where you live? Kinda looks like the estate in Desperate Housewives…so neat and beautiful! Haha. Great job on the DIY btw!


  • omgosh so cute!! ♥ YOU && the shorts, haha!

  • you look stunning ♥ what a great idea to diy!

  • I love your little shorts they are sooo lovely on you :)

    Cute look :) :)

    Char x

  • L

    The DIY looks amazing. I’m going to have to do that myself. You look great in all of these pictures!


  • Ahh, you’re so cute! You look so different in these photos – I almost didn’t recognize you! I love how you and Jess are brave enough to take photos out on the road by your houses. I think my neighbours would stare me down through the windows and wonder what’s wrong with me. I’ll stick to my backyard for now :P hehe Love the cut-offs! I like how vintage the shorts look.

  • Lovely! Very cute outfit:) Nice Diy!

  • Cute outfit! Love the DIY, the red shorts are very unique :)

  • wauuw love the outfit!
    so nice :)

    take also a look at my blog and maybe you can also be my blogfriend :)?


  • what a cute outfit! thanks for posting the video too :D

  • Wow your DIY is awesome! I can never do that kind of stuff :( *tear*

    Cute outfit too ^_^

  • I love your outfit, you look so cute and stylish! ♥