• I love your outfit! ^-^

  • wow is the belt attached together with the skirt? Coz it looks cohesive together!

  • i love love your outfit!! the belt looks so good with the skirt! ♥

  • sweetie you are soooo cute!!!!

    also, i get my housemate to take my photos, but i really need a better camera lol

  • I love the color choices. The grey definitely looks good.


  • You look absolutely SSTUNNINNNNNNG HERE!!!! you have skills in your makeup and nails!

    Crystal –

  • So lucky :)
    Oh woah I love your ouftit. Forever21 ;) <3

  • love the colour choices on your eyes :) your outfit is always stunning! sounds like your going to have a less stress/stress free semester :)

  • Looking gorgeous as usual, bb~! ♥
    & good luck in your new semester~ hopefully you really won’t be working too hard, haha! ;D

  • likes your eye makeup! :)

  • awesome outfit and shoots <3


  • Loving your outfit :)


  • I’m totally digging that skirt! I LOVE IT!

    Have fun at school. Sounds like it is going to be an amazing semester. No classes on Wednesday AND Friday?! Dang… I wish I had a schedule like that during college. I rarely ever got a single day of the week off. You get two? Lucky!

    <3s Serena.

  • I love your outfit especially the belt! pretty!

  • love love the outfit!!! :D

  • Mia

    Love the outfit! Good luck with your classes! :)