I finally started using my new camera. I’m loving this Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S to pieces. The quality of the instant film is always so unexpectedly good! I only started taking photos of my stuffed friends because I haven’t been able to find anything (around the house) that’s worth shooting. Since school started, I haven’t been able to go out to do anything that’s exciting. I’m still wondering if I should buy a photo album for these photos or should I hang them somewhere…there are these really cute photo albums just for this type of film on Ebay. I also still have to get a case for the camera and a self-shoot mirror/lens for it. And of course, I’ll be needing more film soon, I’m thinking about getting the Hello Kitty ones. It’ll be so cute! XD

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  • LOVE THE POLAROID PHOTOS! And the stuffed animals too! How does the camera work? Do you have to refill the film?

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    Love those instant pics!

  • You are really beautiful with that fur vest *_*
    And these photos are extremly lovely <3

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  • cute picS~~~~

  • Really cute and casual look! I love your denim shorts!

  • Your beautiful and I want your hair! lovely look :)


  • i like your fur vest :)

  • love that fur vest~! :D

  • You make that fur vest look so versatile! Lovin’ this look from head to toe!


  • loving the outerwear plus the polaroid pictures are awesome <3


  • such a cute little outfit! I love the casual t shirt with the fur vest! xx

  • LUCKY!! I wish I could still wear shorts right now. Bipolar weather in Norcal sucks. Some days it’s warm but other days it’s really chilly. {*sigh} I really like the boots and shorts style.

    You’re making me want a Fujifilm Instax Camera. Sadly I don’t know what I would take pictures of. =/ I must hold off.

    <3s Serena.

  • nice to hear about your new camera! hehe good pictures always put a smile on my face. love your furry vest btw!

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  • oh my gosh. i want a Fujifilm Instax Mini sooooo bad! they are sooo cute! i think im gunna buy myself one :D

  • Love how you paired the w♥c tee with that vest! I think you look like the perfect mix between summer & fall, hehe~
    Your Polaroids are so cute too~!

  • ahhh polaroids are to dye for =D

  • polaroids <3 i loveee. ! and i love the boots ^_^

  • cute pics!

  • ahhh never expected a fur vest to look good when worn worn so casually :)
    i love polaroids! its like the new thing atm xD love the effects it gives

  • Those instant-photos really look great…What a cute pink stuffed bunny! ^.^