• That looks so cool and love the photos! You look so cute! Love the boots XD

  • Aren’t you a trendy gal! :) Looks great!

  • haha honky style BBQ…

  • that looks like fun! and YUMM!!

  • love HK style bbq!!! those red sausages are soOOOooo good :9 u need to bbq some square fish tofus next time too!!! hehehehe

  • Now that looks like one cool BBQ! x

  • Love those boots bb ♥

  • OMG!! Toronto Island!! I love that place! We just recently had an Amazing Race there–so much fun! Love the pics–looks like you had a super good day!


  • Aww, I wanna try doing a BBG now because it looked like fun. I liked how you did different types of food! :)

  • gahaha we are such hong kong kids XD I have my own portable bbq thing too and every time we go – chicken wings, red sausage, fishballs + honey to glaze over everything lol. And then bees come and scare the hell out of me =.=

    I dont’ think I ever ran out of charcoal cuz when we go I always keep a whole sack in the car (just in case). But sucks it took that long to cook :( My biggest problem is getting the damn fire to start~

    good post!