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Enhance the density along the outer edge of the lashline for a prettier look with half lashes. Choose from a collection of Ardell Accents featuring half lashes to fit your eyes and mood.

Style: Natural
Occasions: Prom/Wedding/Holidays
Eyeshapes: Small Eyes/Large Eyes/Round Eyes/Almond-Shaped Eyes/Deep-Set Eyes


100% human hair.

These little lashes will change the way you look at faux lashes forever. Eye Accents were designed to enhance your look, not create a new one. They are half the length of typical strip lashes and are to be used on the outer corners of the eyes to give your eyes a little boost. The shorter length blends for a natural look and makes for foolproof application.

I think that little paragraph from the box pretty much summarizes all that I wanted to say. These lashes are beyond natural. I am so in love with them because I can wear them everyday without being overly dramatic. Being short than regular false lashes this means that I don’t have to bother cutting them to fit my small Asian eyes. These are just perfect and they come out of the package ready to wear. The lashes are also really soft because they are made from 100% human hair, which is a lot better than the Japanese/Korean box lashes that I’m so used to. However, I still think that paying $5 CAD + Tax for one set of lashes is quite expensive. I usually pay $3 CAD or less for a box of 10 lashes that can last me for a month. But I guess I’m paying for a better quality with these Ardell lashes. Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase and I will definitely go back to Wal-Mart to buy the other styles of Accent Lash.

Product (5/5)
Cost (3/5) – $5 + tax for a single pair of lash is quite pricey for me.
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (4/5) – Nothing too fancy.

credit: ardelllashes.com

  • Wow, your eyes look amazing with those half lashes!I’m mesmerized :D They look very natural! I never wear fake eyelashes before, you must teach me! I have shaky hands :p


  • OMG! You have totally introduced me to a whole new world of makeup. I already bought the fibrewig and eyeliner. Now I’m definitely going out to get these lashes! Your eyes look gorgeous!


  • omgosh they look GORGEOUS on you~!! ♥
    Ardell accent lashes are the best! You’re lucky your Wal-Mart has them~ the one here only has full sets ;o;

  • I love these lash, they look very natural and this goes for most all half eyelash styles because they blend so well =)

  • These look so perfect and natural! I love them on your eyes :)

  • really natural and pretty!!!!

  • They look really natural!!!