I live for you alone

H&M tank, Levi’s shirt, a + ab purse

Though I no longer work for H&M, but you’ll still be able to find me shopping in one on a weekly basis. I think I went to 3 different H&M’s within the past week trying to look for a cardigan for JL. We finally found his size today when we went all the way to Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket to get it. Who would have thought that he’s more determined and a little bit more obsessed than me when it comes to getting the right size? I’m pretty sure we used up half the tank of gas. But anyways, during one of those trips (I can’t remember which one), I picked up this cute tank top along the way. Even though it’s from the previous season, I wouldn’t pass it up when I saw the $2 sale price. This tank top is turning out to be one of my favourites.

  • :o your bf is so sweet :D i can’t believe that’s only a $2 tank – it has such cute swallow prints :)

  • That IS the best gift ever! hehe so lucky and wow that’s very sweet! Saving up for 3 months awww!

    I love the bananas :D

  • I love your top! :) And your japanese goodies look so nice! Please wear them soon ^^

  • Wow! This is such a good service of a personal shopper! Thanx for sharing :)

  • OMG I am soo jealous !~
    I really really wanted the Nikon D90 but my mum said I was an amateur photographer so she chose out the D60 insetad ~~
    She said I could choose that one when I older if I wanted to though :)

  • That’s so nice of JL!:) I wish my CL did the same thing!:p I need to take better quality photos for the blog!!! I’ve never been to Upper Canada Mall. Is it nice? :D


  • hailo~ :) the quality of your pictures are so nice! i’m guessing you’ve begun to use the camera? haha~ how was building it? sounds hard o.o i’ve been wanting to save up for one for a looong time~ is it worth it?

  • OMG, found your blog through Mel of ShopTOLive and I lovelovelove all your makeup reviews and stories! I’ll be sure to come back often to see what you have to say. I love discovering fellow Toronto bloggers.

    That tank was $2? Unbelievable!!

  • very cute! i love ur glasses :)


  • Cool bananas.

  • Oh wow. $2!! Even though it’s from the previous season, the pattern is still so fresh and current. You look so casual and chic with the mixed prints.

    Also, your shopping story is so cute – sometimes it becomes more about the effort than the mission!


  • You always look so hipster, I love it haha ♥ Great combination of prints in that outfit bb~
    Glad your w♥c purchases made it to you safe & sound too~!

  • OMO! the shower curtains are similar to what we had years ago!!! ^__^