• I so so love how you layered the corset – if I saw that belt in H&M now, I would totally buy it.

    Also, I can’t believe you got those shoes from spring – they are amazing!! They actually look really comfy too.


  • They look SOOOOO comfy! Okay if you’re free NEXT sat lets please see each other :)

    P.S. I’m so behind on reading blogs I only JUST noticed your cute new layout hehe

  • wow great shoes, love it!!

  • those are some crazy shoes :D I saw them on Spring website but I didn’t have the guts to buy them. But you’re rocking them like nobody’s business. I’m glad to hear they’re comfortable enough to wear.

    And corset as belt? Girl, you rock!!! :D


  • I love you wedges!

  • cute shoes!!!

  • love the pictures!!!<3

  • I love your shoes!! I adore them!:)
    I want one too!!:)

  • Wow, you’re so tan now! I can’t believe I missed you at scbc on Sun. :(

  • Amy

    I’m in love with them shoes.


    Ahh~ Cute blog! ^^


  • OMG i LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes and the dress is pretty :)

  • LOVE THAT DRESS and the wedges is killer!!

  • Those shoes are just… FABULOUS! *___*
    Love how you paired the dress with the belt too~ it really looks like it goes together, haha!
    & I know what you mean about cheap shoes, they really can go either way… But it would be a lot harder to have a nice variety of shoes without breaking the bank account if we just bought expensive shoes all the time, no? XD

  • I love the nail colour! I’ve been looking for one similar, but no luck T___T xX

  • omggg those shoes are SO HOT! i can’t believe they’re so cheap and comfy too :) your outfit is pretty and i love that bag too !

  • nice outfit combi and i adore your shoes!!!!

  • great outfit, love the shoes!

  • ahh shopping in HK!! makes me wanna go back. I love the dress and shoes =)

  • Mia

    I love your shoes! :)

  • I’m still contemplating whether to buy a border maxi tank or not. And those shoes <3

  • I love the idea of wearing the corset as a belt! Looks great. You’re so lucky for being able to pick up such a lovely pair of wedges at such a cheap price! I have to agree with you on the fact that the quality is as good as what you paid. I have a pair from them and they are absolutely painful to walk in. I’ve only worn them once. Maybe I’ll give them another try when I feel like working out my calves haha :P Thank god the wedges are comfortable despite the height!

  • ummm if you decide you don’t want your corset…. could you tell me? i’ll buy it off you!!


  • wow, the corset is so nice, matching so well mit the maxi dress..

  • I was actually going to get those EXACT same pair at Springs! I didn’t think I could handle wedges since i’m already a giant. They look great!

  • i love your new layout its so cute! ^_^
    and omg those are just the coolest shoes ever! i just wonder how it would look like on me, if i can stand properly that is lol.