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As of July 1st, the Dolly Wink nail collection has debuted in Japan. You can check the entire collection out on the official website. This collection is so cute! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the glitter colours! Thank you Eki for translating the Japanese into English for us!

Here are some of the colours/products that are available from this collection:

Dolly Wink smooth cover base coat and Dolly wink Glossy top coat both ¥546 about $7 CAD.

Dolly Wink nail colours are ¥546 about $7 CAD.

Dolly Wink Glitter nail colours are a little bit more expensive, they are ¥588 about $8 CAD. I guess you pay a little bit more for the glitter.

On the official website, they have also posted nail tutorials that are based on two themes: Pastel Dolly and Vivid Dolly. I find these tutorials really easy to do but yet they are really cute! I will definitely be trying these very soon!


  • Dolly Wink makes every gals look cute!

  • Awww… I HEART DOlly WINK~

  • OMG how cute!!!! I want for sure!

  • oh wow! those are so cute! i sure do want some!! :D

  • Such a cute collection :) I love pastel coulors <3

  • I want!

  • waaaah! i want them!! =)

  • i love tsubasa-san’s designed nail colors :3

  • do want !!

  • dolly wink is so darling! :) i want to get my hands on the lilac and orange glitter. i love the dotted bottle cap and diamond shaped bottle. i wish i knew where to buy dollywink stuff around here.