Ngong Ping Cable Car

2% tank top, Cotton-On floral skirt, Hong Kong red rubber sandals & necklace

One of my favourite things to do in Hong Kong, besides the obvious shopping, is to ride the Ngong Ping Cable Car in Tung Chung (東涌). It’s a really quick way to escape from all the fuss of the big city and to enjoy some fresh air. The view is amazing and with the new Crystal Cabins, you can experience the journey in 360 degree. Even the floor of the cable car is made out of glass. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you can also vist the Big Budda, which is the world’s largest seated outdoor bronze Buddha statue. We decided not to actually go in because of the unpleasant weather and the lack of time. It satisfied us just to explore the little town outside. This foggy and rainy weather isn’t going away for the rest of the week. Tomorrow I’ll start to pack for my journey back to Toronto. Only two more days remain…

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  • I have terrible acrophobia; that cable car ride would terrify the crap out of me, probably. Maybe…

    I heard about that town on the top of the mountain, and how much of a true oasis away from the bustle of Hong Kong it is. It truly looks like a wonderful place to be! Thanks for taking pictures!

    I know you’re sad being back in Canada, but don’t you miss being home? I always come back from long vacations, happy to be home–but I think it may be different when you’re younger. I definitely missed California when I moved to Detroit from San Diego… but now I’m married and my home is my home with my husband and dog, so maybe it’s just that you’re in a state of flux and Hong Kong is much more enjoyable than busy life in TO? I hope you feel better about being in can soon!

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  • that looks like so much fun! I would be scared though because you can see the bottom!

  • hi dear! thanks for your comment it means alot :) you look so beautiful and all those photos look beautiful too! loving the miss hello kitty :D xxx

  • Wow! What amazing landscapes!!! I wish I could go there

  • omg i wish i hv this at my country lol
    u and ur bf looks soo cute together <3

  • the view is so pretty! Look like fun! :)

  • AMAZING!! I did something super similar while I was in Vietnam :)



  • uber cute

  • Looks like so much fun & what a gorgeous view!!
    I love your red sandals too ♥

  • hehe! So cute pictures you’ve taken! You lucky girl~~~!!

  • Great photos!!

  • BRAZIL CABLE CAR?! bananas. You and Jeff are adorable btw :) can’t wait to see you soon girly

  • wow the scenery’s so pretty :)
    makes me want to go on holiday :(


  • Very cute! ^__^

    Enjoy Hong Kong!!! ^__^

  • That looks awesome, i love the photos.

  • wow! love the photos… never been in a cable car before either. the photo of the cutouts against the sky is really stunning.

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  • aww such nice pictures. cute!

  • OMG i went on that! i LOOOOVED it so much :)

  • Omgsh wow. Looks like you had an amazing time in Hong Kong! I’m so jealous!

  • I went to NP360 2 years ago on my trip to HK and the cable car stalled for over 5 minutes while we were dangling at the highest point.. Scared me to death! Too bad there was so much smog/fog when you went. Looks like you had lots of fun!!!