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1) My main source of transportation for the next two months: the MTR. Fast, easy and convenient, it’s close to impossible to get lost in Hong Kong.

2) Quarry Bay Station. If the TTC in Toronto was anywhere near this advance and clean, I wouldn’t mind taking it on a daily basis. TTC should really consider installing those glass doors to prevent people from falling or being pushed into the rails. It’s a safety hazard.

3) The only things that were purchased today were two t-shirts and a vest from Uniqlo, all of which belongs to JL. He love that store only because they carry a numerous of Gundam and anime tees.

4) We both only brought with us shoes that we do not plan on taking back to Canada. If your shoes have been treading around the grounds of Hong Kong for 2 months, you wouldn’t want to keep them either. I plan on totally destroying these.

5) Inside the MTR. Yes, the floor is spotless. That’s probably because food and drinks are not allowed on the train. And yes, people do follow the rules. Trust me, once you bring food into the train, people will stare. They will stare hard and you will never want to eat on the train ever again. And finally yes, there is a lighted display that shows where the train is now, where the train is heading to and where all the interchange stations are. This just makes the TTC look completely ancient.

6) An afternoon snack at a Chinese fast food resturant, one of many in Hong Kong. You can never go wrong with a Onion Pork Burger and a glass of cold Hong Kong style tea that only cost a mere $3 CAD. If Hello Kitty has a mouth, she’ll be smiling : )

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  • hello kitt y :)

  • I am in the states. I wish I can physically go to HK and purchase one. Do you know good ebay eyelash seller?

  • i wish i was you! :P

  • Looks like SO much fun. You look undeniably comfortable!! :)

  • why is the HK MRT always comfy? our MRT is as worse as in Japan. always packed. :( am looking forward to seeing your loot from uniqlo. ^^

  • The shuttle at CDG airport in Paris have doors like that too! :D but yes let’s PLS go to HK oneday


    xx rena.

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  • I miss HK MRT !! hehe dont forget to shop till you drop.. ;)

  • I’m so envious… I want to go back to Hong Kong!!!! <3 hope you're having a great time! xx

  • You are making me miss Hong Kong so bad!

    Have a great weekend!:D

    …and everything girly under the sun!

  • u make me miss hk! :D have an awesome time!!