• ahh i wish i can buy some LizLisa floral dress!
    i bought something similar from MarcJacobs lol

    checkout my post ;)

    thanks for scannz i luv jap magazines!

  • hellooo, sorry i didnt get back to you on my blog, was swamped with exams and when i saw your post for the giveaway it was over ):

    i’ll be sure to join your next one tho (:

  • Ken

    whoa japanese girls look like dolls

    oh yea to complete that dog tag i need the letters K-I-S

  • So, I live in the states, do you know where I can get a subscription to these magazines???
    Thanks for posting this!

  • love the nails which they have in the magazine <3

  • i love this magazin. unfortunately my favorite model jun komori will leave it :(

  • So…can we plan a trip to Tokyo or something together please? I don’t think anyone else I know loves these mags as much as I do

  • Thanks for scans! I so want them nails!

  • Pretty girls and nice magazine photos

  • Love it!
    Thanks for the scans :D

  • OO these are beautiful!

    All the pretty colours and the nails oo!!

    Char x