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Pillow-form outcrops of padding placed on shoulders, hips, backs, and bodices were the essence of Rei Kawakubo’s experiments this time. In resolute defiance of conventional notions of female body enhancement, they added bulk and heft to all the places fashion avoids if it seeks to flatter and make sexy—two things that have never been part of the job description Kawakubo has accepted. We are on different terms here, forced into the field of the visual associations the designer triggers, rather than struggling to sum it up in the usual ways.

Rei Kawakubo will always, always be my favourite designer. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mother! Sorry that I’m away from home this year and can’t celebrate it with you in person! Hope you liked the gift that I had left for you!


PS, don’t forget to enter my giveaway, which ends May 30 for Dolly Wink prizes. Follow the link on the side bar!

  • i love love love!

  • EMMA, I DID THE EXACT SAME THING. don’t wrry haahhaha
    Oh, Emily. U would love these .
    miss your pretty face at work.
    worked in divided today and had some fiasco with truck. ILL BLOG ABOUT ITTT xooxoxox

  • I’m kinda disturb by the elements of the puffiness! but nevertheless larger than life as it can b

  • Those runway dresses are so crazy cool looking!

    I follow you on chictopia, and I happen to find your blog when I was on someone’s else’s blog- isn’t this such a small world? :)
    You always look so cute in your outfits on Chictopia, totally following your blog! :)


  • p.s. and the designer has great taste in style! OH and I like ur blog tons! I’m following it for real!

  • wow! i don’t think anyone would forget! those prizes are awesome!

    but I wonder what material the last 3 models are wearing? the fabric looks soft!

  • The first line has some pretty phallic shapes, and I immaturely laughed my head off.

    I would imagine that padding in the last row would have been hard to work with.