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I came across the Glam Eyes series by Rimmel when I was walking around Wal-Mart’s make-up section. I couldn’t resist trying them out because they look so cute and I loved all the vivid/bright colours.

Rimmel introduces Glam’Eyes Mono Eyeshadow, a new eye shadow collection inspired by the sophistication of the London fashion scene. Soft, silky formula for smooth and saturated colour. This eyeshadow has got a long-lasting wear without creasing or fading so your perfect shade lasts as long as you do.
*High colour
*Glitter eyeshadow.

Use a primer for this eyeshadow cause I found that the colours that I’ve tried doesn’t last very long.

Unavailable – not listed on the website.

I only like this product, I can’t say that I loved it. For most parts, Rimmel wasn’t lying when they said these were crease-resistant and easily blendable. The colours are great and vivid and stays true to what they look like in the box. The shadow also applies really smooth, however, I would not use the applicator that’s included with the shadow cause it’s very cheap looking and it’s not the best qualities. Plus, the shadow is very affordable! If I remember correctly, it was around $3 CAD in Wal-Mart.

However, the shadow doesn’t last very long. In about 4 hours, the colour starts to fade, which does not support the product’s claim to last for up to 8 hours. Perhaps it’s better to use a primer prior to this product. Both Night Jewel and Posh Peacock are very pigmented, but Royal Violet is very powdered! The swatch that I made on my hand was done over and over again. So I would stay away from the Royal Violet but definitely try out the other two. Another negative is that this product is a mono eyeshadow, so if you want variety, don’t bother trying this.

Have you tried any of the new Glam’eyes shadows yet?

Product (4/5) – Royal Violet is very powdered thus, results vary.
Cost (5/5)
Ease of Use (4/5) – The product comes with a very cheap applicator, it’s better to use your own brushes.
Packaging (5/5)

credit: rimmel london

PS, I passed my G-license road test this morning at 10:45!

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  • Eva

    OMG that’s just the cutest packaging !! I have to hit up walmart ty for sharing ur finds.

  • The royal violet reminds me of the purple color in the diamonte palette from tokidoki!

    xo, Diana

  • Love the posh peacock…
    might go check it out… :P

  • love the blue tint :)

  • Those shadows look so cute! I love the crown design. I was actually at Walmart today but was in too much of a rush to check out all the makeup products. Feel like I should’ve spent a little more time now. {*HEHE}
    These are pretty colors. Posh Peacock reminds me of Painkiller from my Urban Decay palette.

    Congrats on passing your G-license test Em!

    <3 Serena.

  • Such beautiful colours!!!

    Very daring ;)

    Char x

  • wooot congrats! i haven’t even had my G2 exam!:p thanks for another make up review. i love rimmel lipsticks but never try their e/s :)


  • Nice review!

    Hey can I ask you something? How do you get your blog to not have space on the sides? My blog is all squished to the center >.<