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April 17, 2010

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There’s nothing worse than puffy tired eyes! A unique blend of Plant Collagen, Liquorice and Pumpkin helps calm swelling and irritation – just fabulous. They revitalise circulation and make the under eye area appear tighter and feel firmer.
* Suitable For Vegans
* Gluten Free
* Dairy Free
* Nut Derivative Free
* 2 x 2 Patches = 4 Gel Patches in Total

Chill in the fridge for at least 1 hour before use. Remove one set of Cool Eyes patches from pouch. Apply one patch under each eye and press down firmly to ensure contact. Leave on for 30-50 minutes for best results. Re-Seal pouch and put back into the fridge (optional), ready for your next use.

Liquorice, Potato, Pumpkin, Pseudocollagen

Overall, this product was okay. I can’t say that I dislike it, but I can’t say that I love it either. After using this twice, I can’t say that it has reduced the puffiness in my eyes, however, it did help with the dark circles, a very tiny bit, even though that this wasn’t what I was looking for. It was very comfortable to use and easy to get off. The price is pretty reasonable as well, considering it was less than $5 for 4 patches. The results were not as dramatic as I had hope it would be but maybe it just needs to be used at a regular basis. Maybe this product will work for you, but it was only okay for me. I was looking for something with faster results. But if you are interested, you can find this in the beauty section in Wal-Mart.

Product (3.5/5) – The results were not instant.
Cost (5/5)
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (4/5) – The silver border is a little tacky.

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PPS, I made TWO orders from Forever 21 this week! They are having their Spring Sale right now, which I cannot resist!

credit: montagne jeunesse

  • give this product a tryy! : )

  • Hmmm… looks interesting!
    I hope they sell it here in Brisbane!

  • I love this brand and this product looks good, I must try!:D

    Thanks for sharing, nice review!:D
    …and everything girly under the sun!

  • I did not know this product o.o!! (I hate my dark circles T.T)