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I never liked PopTeen as much as I have liked ViVi in the past. However, this issue had really caught my attention. I really loved all the hair tutorials in this issue! I can’t wait to try them out when I hair grows out longer. I also love all the denim stuff that they have included in this issue. Now I want to buy a denim dress! (^__~) However, I still like ViVi models better than PopTeen’s, maybe because I’m just a huge fan of Jun Hasegawa…haha!

If you want to take any of the scans, it’s greatly appreciated if you would please credit it back to me! Many thanks!

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credit: ekimura

  • gosh, i always have a soft spot for asian fashion magazines <3 i wish my hair was like them, always styled to perfection (ok, not the pony tails, but the wavy hair with blunt bangs :p)

    i saw that f21 spring sale and i found a few pieces that I liked, but I didn’t order any since i’m on a shopping ban. HELP!


  • omg.. thanks for the scans! I used to always look for them on forums to get new hairstyle ideas but gave up when I didn’t see anybody updating them anymore! u.r.awesome :D

  • wow, i love these scans- these magazines are ridiculously awesome, there’s so much going on in one page. i love it! <3


  • wow their hair and make up and fashion is so cool! too bad i cant eaily get hold of popteen here in the uk ¬,¬

  • Thanks for the scans :) Also the sweet comment on my blog :D

  • omg. it’s a wonderful magazine! love all the hair tutorials. too bad we don’t have those kind of mags around here :( ..


  • thanks for the scans hee something new to learn

  • I always love your posts, i hope you get time to check out mine also :)


  • wow lovely scans! jealous of their perfect hair! XD

  • thank you for the scans!
    I love the outfits ^^

  • Such a beautiful magazine – I love it!!

    Char x