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April 7, 2010

H&M Divided blazer

  • love the jacket!

  • What a beautiful blazer!!! x

  • hope the exam went well

    im in love with that blazer!!!

  • You look so pretty. :)

    ps. Good luck on your finals and papers!

  • hey you :) thanks for dropping by!! Another torontonian like me? You’re pretty by the way. I had to subway to Cafe Princess because there WAS no parking, you’re so right. But it was worth it :) I’m gonna follow anyway, as a guy I can’t wear your outfits but eh why not read up on another city girl. Hope to talk to you again soon~


  • You look so cute!

  • i really like your outfit!~ hope you did well in your paper
    also that is a strange fact =D

  • i love your pinstriped blazer! the drapey front sold me! and the layered pearl necklaces go perfect with the outfit.

    ps: love your hair like that :D

  • i love your outfit! i was going to buy that striped blazer but they didnt have one in my size left :( looks great on you though and good luck for your exam x

  • Oh girl I’m the same way ~ you could put me in an empty room and I could STILL find things to do to procrastinate!!

    Love the pearl necklaces!!!

  • awesome blazer!! :)
    and yes my polkadot tights are H&M, but I also saw the same at Primark.

  • hi! thanks for your comment on my blog.

    i’m now following you. follow me too? :)

  • Wow amazing blazer!! I’m going to see if it’s still in H&M hahaha
    xx cathy

  • Ken

    good luck on ur study!

  • that means you are smart by nature! unlike me! love your smile on the right pic. very demure!

  • lol your study habits sound like mine! good luck!

  • Love the outfit you put together! So crisp! :) What topped it off was the pearls. They feminize every look! beautiful :)

    Good luck on your finals and papers!