• I adore your glasses! So big! So chic!


  • la veste en jean porté avec ta grande robe, j’adore


  • Oh I totally found the perfect black maxi recently as well (perfect as in it didn’t drag all over the floor like most of them)! We really are shopping soul mates :P

  • love the maxi dresss!!!!

    you loook fabulous

    ahhhh cant wait to get ur posts from hk!

  • nice dress dear! :)

  • ha! i didn’t even realize the one finger was hiding until you mentioned it :)

  • cute love the maxi dress and glasses!

  • i love maxi dresses! you look so chic and classic in that dress paired with the denim!

  • I won’t be able to make it for the grand re-opening!!!so saadddddd!!! damn full time job :p are you going?

    You mentioned UP several times and I was like..what’s UP? what’s UP? what is it??? It turned out to be urban planet, hahaha :D I haven’t been in that store for awhile. The loud music always turns me off :S


  • that bag… look incredibly witchery.com.au-esque!!

  • looking cute! i wish we have h&m here too. :(

  • OOOO this one is really cute :)

    loving the green nails !!!


    Char x

  • Cute outfit!:D

    …and everything girly under the sun!

  • I like your glasses : )

  • LOVE the maxi dress and your big accessory :D :D :D Looks very cute on you!! Did you go out like that? =D

  • what a cute outfit!~

  • sorry for the late reply~~!
    i was soooo tired yesterday o(TдT)o

    omg you look so pretty & cool with that outfit XDXD