• i want that backpack! for friggin $3? Where did you get it from, lady??!?!?! I’m zeaallouusss :D
    Btw, I finally got the ring snuggies! they’re so helpful. I got mine from Claire’s on Queen St :)


  • love the dress and the backpack!!
    please visit my blog is new im new awww!!!

  • I love everything about this outfit but especially you necklace…! Oh and that leather backpack is such a gorgeous contrast to the floral dress…*adore*

    Love love love,



  • Sweet blog!

    That’s an absolutely gorgeous dress! I love the fact you paired it with the leather backpack. The whole outfit has an aloof traveller look to it ^^

  • I love the floral dress and gorgeous vintage backpack :)

  • Lovely outfit!!

  • knk

    beautiful floweral outfit you looks cute

    nice bag

  • cute look!

  • oooo floral! amazing outfit and love the accessories! i havent used one of them style bags for ages! always used shoulder ones xD

  • I love the floral dress! It is so amazingly pretty :) I have a thing for florals and I must admit my wardrobe is mostly filled with floral findings :p Tablecloth or no tablecloth, these are certainly a staple in my closet :) Love the black stockings you have on with it :D

  • I have this dress! It’s so amazing! xxxx

  • Wow, I didn’t know that H&M carried that floral dress. I will definitely have to hit up my local H&M soon to check it out. Your outfit looks so high-fashion! You have great taste =)

  • you look good in floral, unlike me:(
    I’ve never seen the black knitted rosary before. Gonna check it out!

  • oh! that dress is soo pretty!

  • LOVE this outfit!! Want that backpack so bad:)

  • love your dress !!! gosh.. i want to get that lippie. but not sure if i can wear it off as nice as you.


    thats all

  • This is a beautifulllll dress :)

    Love love love the florals

    Hope you have a lovelyyy weekend

    Char x

  • kawaii floral dress o(^-^)o

  • Gosh girl you look amazing! I love everything about this outfit :)

  • darling floral dress & i love love your necklace!^^

  • beautiful dress & I love your necklace!

  • Love your nails! I can’t pull off pinks. Gaga doesn’t look that pink on you – interesting