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Abercrombie Kids off shoulder dress, Kate Spade Purse, Nine West cobalt shoes, Daniel Wellington watch

I wish I have reasons or even some excuses for my lack of updates here on the blog, but I don’t. I think I am at the point of my life where there are too many other distractions, outside of the the internet, that have been keeping me busy. And in the end, there is never enough time. Never enough time to do it all. 2015 has been bringing lots adjustments and lots of time for reflecting…prioritizing. And before this year is over, there’s going to be at least one more enormous change.



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L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche introduces two luxurious eyeshadow palettes designed to be the crowning jewels of your makeup kit. La Palette Nude 1 & 2 offer a gorgeous medley of shades from the nearest roses to the richest chocolates, curated to complement every skin tone.

Each palette offers 3 different shadow finishes 0 shimmery satin, buttery matte and lustrous sheen all promising to blend harmoniously together for the most luscious nude looks. Smooth pigments layer from a transparent veil to rich colour in a formula that stays beautiful all day.

La Palette Nude 1: Light to Medium Tones: Ivory – Beige – Caramel
La Palette Nude 2 Nude Intense: Medium to deep tones: Taupe – Mauve – Plum

Apply the eyeshadows like a pro with a double-ended brush; use the sponge tip to press in pigments and the brush end to blend. One thing to note is to ensure that you always use a primer with these shadows.

Nude palettes are no surprise to anyone who’s a makeup junkie. But what’s really innovative is that some drugstore brands are also venturing into this category. The first palette of this kind that I’ll be reviewing here is the La Palette Nude 2 by L’Oreal Paris. The colours of this palette are much darker than the original one, with more colours leaning towards the taupe, mauve and plum category. Let’s start with the positives: I really like the compact, sleek packaging of these shadows. It has a mirror on the inside, which is perfect for the travel girl.

The size of the shadows are also very generous; they are around the same size as the Urban Decay Naked palettes. On the back of the palette, L’Oreal has kindly included simple instructions on how to achieve your favorite looks. It’s quite easy to follow and thus, the combinations are endless.

Now onto the negatives: the applicator, though it’s double-sided, is not really useful. The sponge side is quite nice but the brush is just too small to work with. The shadows are not consistent in pigmentation and texture. Some are more drier and patchier when applying. It’s not very silky, especially with the lighter colours. Another thing that I didn’t like was that the colours don’t blend very well; I find that the colours run together too easily. They fade very easily as well, thus, a primer is key. Another issue, is the price: $29.99 CAD, my mouth dropped considering it’s a drugstore palette.

Though this palette is not my cup of tea, but the fact that drugstore brands are starting to offer large size palettes is great! It just proves that there are a market for these type of palettes and hopefully, in months to come, more brands will be able to offer bigger palettes without breaking the bank. L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Nude is available for $29.99 CAD at mass, food and drugs retailers nationwide beginning April 2015.
Product (2/5)
Cost (1/5)
Ease of Use (3/5)
Packaging (5/5)



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Naked Love – Fresh and clean in the most amazing way, with notes of apricot nectar, white peaches, velvet freesia and skin musk. Be comfortable in your own skin.

Ideal for dry skin, this moisturizing formula leaves skin feeling energized, refreshed and silky smooth. 236 ml. $12.00 CAD
The apricot smell is very strong and the formula of this body wash definitely fulfill its claim of leaving your skin refreshed and smooth. I love it! It lathers well with my loofa and the packaging is BEAUTIFUL! The typography and rose gold accent is spot on. The only downside is the price tag: at $12.00 CAD for only 236 ml, I rather buy the body mist to enjoy the scent.

Fresh and clean in the most amazing way with notes of apricot nectar, white peaches, velvet freesia and skin musk.
Dry hands have met their match in this extra-rich formula with a creamy texture that locks in moisture and leaves skin feeling soft and silky. 3.4 fl. oz. $6.00 CAD
The hand cream not only smells great, it’s also rich and moisturizing. A little bit can go a long way, which means that $6.00 can last you for a few months. So why should you skip this product? That’s because it’s very, very greasy. I don’t like hand creams that are too thick because I don’t like leaving marks on my laptop or computer at work. I find this cream will do just that since it doesn’t dry that quickly either. I actually prefer to use this product as a body lotion instead and leave it by my bedside for using overnight when I get an itch.
All Avon Canada products can be purchased through Avon Independent Sales Representatives or online at



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For pores and oilness concerns looking for a weightless love that is never our of control? A new era light and thin mousse, 3 in 1 complex control POREraser for pore less finish, even complexion, and long lasting visibly reduce pores and shine.

SPF 35 PA +++
Available in 2 shades – beige and pink
Apply onto a clean and fresh face prior to makeup application.

The POREraser UV Under Base Mousse, in both shades, are part of Shu Uemura’s permanent makeup base collection. I just have the version that has been repackaged for the Yazbukey collection. This specific UV Under Base Mousse is designed for oil control, which I find to work perfectly. I love how my skin feels so pore-less and oil-less all throughout the day. Plus, it has SPF, which is perfect for me since I wear SPF consistently.

The one I have here is beige, and this is the texture of once it’s dispensed out of the can. It is a fluffy mousse that settles very quickly into a light fluid, which then can be easily worked into your skin.

After a few seconds, it’ll dry completely and settle very nicely into the skin. I have the product placed on the part of my skin that’s closer to my thumb. It has a smooth finish and it’s amazing! This product has got to the be the BEST foundation base that I’ve tried to date. It’s like having a sunscreen that controls your oil and reduces your pore all at the same time!
Now let me show you something really cool that Ludovic Engrand (MAKE UP ARTIST AND PR MANAGER of Shu Uemura) showed us during the Shu event in Toronto a few months ago.

This amazing base can also make your eyeshadows more vibrant! Look at the difference in the eyeshadow colour with this base under it! There’s only 1 downside of this product, which is why I don’t “LOVE” it: the price! It retails for $46 CAD and the bottle is very small. I want to use this product on a daily basis, but at this cost, I simply cannot afford to do so.

Product (5/5)
Cost (4/5)
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (5/5)



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Red Carpet nails are not at your fingertips thanks to 8 new avant-garde press-on nail by L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche. Designed exclusively for Canadian beauties by Tom Bachik, you can easily achieve the most glamourous, edgy and artist nail looks in a few simple steps. L’Oreal Paris’ Flex Nail technology produces an ultra-fine and flexible resin that adapts perfectly to each nail shape. In addition to perfect form, Colour Riche Press-On Nails use non-damaging, non-abracsive self adhesive with no messy glues. And the magic is that nails last for up to 7 days and scan be easily removed whenever you desire.

Whether you want to channel your inner vixen or wear a classic, couture-chic look, Tom has you covered with his trendy designs.

1) Clean & wash hands thoroughly.
2) Select the correct size of press-on nail for each finger
3) Apply adhesive stickers slightly smaller than each natural nails. Peel off backing.
4) Apply press-on nails then press down the middle and down each side firmly.
5) For best ear, repress a few times and avoid contact with water for the first hour.
Can we pause for a moment and just appreciate how beautiful these press on nails are? Without a doubt, this teal-blue colour is my favorite. These press-on nails are perfect for days when you don’t want the fuse of a traditional manicure. I was able to applied all these nails within 10 minutes and didn’t need dry time.

I love how there are so many sizes to choose from and it fits even my small fingers. They blend really nicely with my real nails, which doesn’t make it look too fake. However, from up close, you can still tell they are press-ons, especially with the thumb.

They have a great feel to them, which I think makes it appear more like real nails. You can also file them down to your desired shape; I just kept it simple with the round shape. I couldn’t wear them for over a week, since they will get in your way of daily tasks, such as washing your hair. However, the removal process was simple, clean and painless.
Available April 2015 exclusively at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Available June 2015 in mass retailers and drugstores across Canada. Suggested retail price: $14.99 CAD
Product (4/5)
Cost (3/5)
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (5/5)



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I love wearing sandals, especially as the temperature rises close to 30 degrees. However, what’s not pretty is having cracked and dried feet to pair with your sandals. My feet, mainly the back heel, gets really dry during the harsh winter season. Thus, I always give some extra love to my feet during the Spring season. Here are some products I’ve been using religiously to prepare my feet for sandal-wearing season. All of them are available now!

Emjoi Micro Pedi
The first step to my feet routine is to exfoliate and buff away the dead skin on my feet. The unique micro-mineral roller safely, gently and effectively buffs away hard, jagged skin on the soles and heels giving immediate, lasting results. My skin is instantly be smoother, flatter, more comfortable and healthy.

A simple on and off button is all you need and since it’s battery operated, you don’t have to worry about any inconvenience or problem with travel. The product is also water resistant so it assist with cleaning the device.

I also like how it comes complete with an extra coarse micro-mineral smoothing roller. I usually don’t need the extra coarse one, the blue one is enough for me already. However, I like to know that I have that option.

This product is now available at your local Shoppers Drug Mart for $49.99.

After buffing away the dead skin, I have to use some foot cream or mask to help my feet heal faster. I also want to product the new skin that’s not exposed after I have removed the dead ones. Therefore, I turn to these Avon Foot Works products to help me achieve this.

My favorite out of the 3 is the Beautiful Ginger and White Tea Nourishing Cream. This nourishing cream absorbs quickly, leaving my feet feeling soft. It’s especially comforting after a nice shower or a soothing bath. There’s a foot work promotion right now, any 2 for $7.99, buy them here!

Lastly, I trust these two products to keep my feet nice and fresh all throughout the hot, humid weather. I love the Foot Works Healthy Deodorizing Spray because you can spray directly onto your feet or into your foot ware. It’s gentle enough to use daily. Finally, the Foot Works Healthy Deodorizing Foot Wipes clean, deodorize and refresh in one easy swipe. I can slip this inside my beach purse and use it after going to the beach.
And that’s it! These are all the products that I use to get my feet sandal ready. Let me know if you use any other products!