SOS – Save Our Skin (From Winter)

We might only be in autumn but winter is creeping ever closer and with that comes cold temperatures, low humidity and snow! Our face is at the forefront of it all too. We might be able to wrap ourselves up warm but our face is slapped by the extreme winter weather on a daily basis. We become aware of our face feeling irritated, dehydrated and dull. We have now lost that festive sparkle and as a result we start hibernating. We start spending more time indoors, our heating drying our skin out further. That log fire which is so cosy and very romantic, is actually drying out our skin. We start binge watching Netflix and as a result we probably find that we are eating more junk food. There is something about winter that makes us all crave the bad food. It’s our way of cheering ourselves up, it’s our own human form of hibernation.

However, the weather, heating and the junk food is all bad for our skin. If we aren’t careful we could find that our skin is rapidly sending out an SOS signal. So how can we save our skin and get our face ready for winter.

Luxuriate In A Bath
It’s dark outside and that means we can all feel a little miserable. Winter is the perfect time to really focus on ourselves, to look after ourselves and give our body and mind some extra attention. A bath is a great way of banishing those winter woes. A warm bath, candle and good book can really help restore you. Lush have some amazing bath bombs that smell divine and are really hydrating for the skin. You could try their Butterball bath bomb which – like the name suggests – is rich in softening cocoa butter and soothing vanilla.

Cleanse Your Face With Clarisonic
Clarisonic has been around for a while now. However, some people are still confused by it. Those who use one, swear by it. Clarisonic is very good for the skin and well worth the price tag. Winter can cause dull skin but using a Clarisonic regularly will actually help brighten your skin and it will help prevent spot breakouts. Clarisonic is perfect for getting your face ready for winter because it gently removes all of the dead surface cells and pollution. However, it is very gentle on your face and it won’t remove the multiple layers of skin some exfoliants do, you can find the best cleansers to use with a Clarisonic for your skin and you will find that your cleanser is more effective when used with a Clarisonic. It is very effective at removing your make-up and it will also help your skin care products do their thing better.

Go Heavy With The Creams
We want to be using heavier creams in winter as our skin will be crying out for some moisture. They will also help protect our face against the harsh weather conditions. They will help soothe and smooth our skin. The Liquorice Cold Cream by VLCC is a great companion for your face over winter. It is packed full of soothing ingredients like aloe vera and jojoba oil. You can buy it online from Amazon. You should be applying a cream before you go to sleep at night and 30 minutes before you leave the house in the morning. You might even want to consider topping up your moisturizer midday on your lunch break.

Get Savvy With The Suncream
Yes it’s winter and the sun is hardly shining but we still need to be applying sunscreen to our face. The sun can damage our skin all year round, it doesn’t take a break over winter. If anything it could potentially do more damage when combined with the harsh weather conditions. You should be wearing an SPF of at least 15. Some moisturizers do contain SPF. Read the label and find out. If not you need to get that sunscreen on. Especially if you are someone who works outdoors! Cool SPF 30 Face Classic Sunscreen – Cucumber is a great one for our face and it has a refreshing scent of cucumber.

Keep Drinking
The cold weather can mean that we start drinking more hot drinks like coffee. Coffee is hydrating for our skin. We need to still make sure that we are drinking plenty of water. You may feel like your body doesn’t need that water, but it does. You need to drink plenty of water whatever the season. You should be aiming for at least 2 liters a day. This will help flush out the toxins and keep your complexion looking clear.

Take Short Showers
Those morning showers are great for warming us up. However, the temptation can be to stand under that shower for longer than is required. A long shower can be damaging to our skin. We should be having short, lukewarm showers instead. You should use shower gel instead of soap because soap can dry out your skin. We also need to be mindful of how we dry ourselves after our shower. A gentle pat down with a towel instead of a rigorous rubdown is also a kinder way of drying ourselves. You should then apply some body moisturizer. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration is a bit of a cult-favorite. It will give your skin a great a dose of hydration.

Stay Stress Free
Winter is the party season and with that comes the party food and drinks. This combined with a lack of sleep from all of that partying can add stress to our skin. To avoid breakouts on our skin we need to be careful with what we are eating. Don’t go crazy for all of those sweet desserts and be careful with those carbohydrates. Not only are they a nightmare for our hips, they also aren’t very kind to our face.

Get Handy With Some Gloves
Our hands are also exposed to the elements and that means we need to be looking after them. The harsh weather can cause our hands to crack. We need to ensure that this doesn’t happen. We should be wearing gloves when we are outdoors. You could treat yourself to some lovely gloves. Macys have a great range, you could treat yourself to some lovely cashmere lined leather gloves. You should also be using your hand moisturizer on a daily basis.

Get Conditioning Those Lips
Lips are another part of our body that is exposed to the elements. We need to be using a enriching lip balm that will keep our lips moisturized. Lia Lip Conditioner in Bang Bang is great for winter. A tinted lip conditioner that is kind to your lips but also looks fabulous. The Bang Bang shade is perfect for daytime and wearing to work. The lip conditioner also uses natural dyes and organic ingredients. Therefore, you don’t have to feel bad when you want to re-apply that lip conditioner. You can buy Lia Lip Conditioner online from Sephora.

If we start protecting our skin now then we will be able to save our skin before winter arrives. We need to remember that our skin is fragile during winter and therefore, we need to be looking after our skin carefully. The 3 main rules for winter should be to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. We need to get our skin plumped up and ready to withstand a harsh winter. Follow the tips above and you will have that glowing winter skin of your dreams and everyone will be asking you what your flawless skin secrets are.