Let Your Personality Fly With Your Own Luxury Ring Design

Custom jewelry is truly a rare sight to behold. It’s a symbol of something meaningful to the person wearing it and shows the artistic intent of the individual who created it. Creating art out of something so valuable and precious is a feat of design and elegant expression. Designing your own piece is not something you can just get up and go with. You’ll be working with materials that take the time to process and need extremely careful hands to craft them. In the end, your jewelry will be ready to last a lifetime and more, so getting it just right, exactly how you want it is going to require a lot of thought, and preparation.

What Kind of Style
First, you’ve got to pin down, what kind of ring you want. Each style gives off a unique image when worn, so choose wisely and consult your personality to decide which you prefer. You may wish to contemplate what kind of period the jewelry you desire is going to try and replicate. The Egyptian style flaunts thick and shiny gold, while the French and English styles, implement intricate surrounding designs to the centerpiece that is the stone. It also depends, on what kind of clothes you’ll be wearing the piece with. Whether you’ll be wearing it every day or only on special occasions, the style will last forever so it matters to decide the mood the jewelry reflects.

Gathering Inspiration
Luxury rings are almost once in a lifetime purchase. They will mean something special to you, and there may come a time when you pass the ring down to your children. It can become a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. To get inspiration for the design, go to fine art museums and study the jewelry of kings and queens of centuries gone by. Watch romantic films, or read literature relevant to the kind of style you want, e.g. Middles Ages, Post-Modern, Georgian Period, Victorian Era, etc.

Sketch out your design with a pen or pencil because this will give you’re a physical representation of your desire. It also gives the craftsman a lot more reference to work with, rather than to pick out pictures that closely resemble the design in your mind. You can design your own ring online, from the pleasure of your own home. This is a better way to do it so that you can take your time, and with computer aided design options, you can visually bring to life the ring you want.

First Meeting
Meeting your jewelry with your design for the first time will open you up to the reality of jewelry design. The more intricate your intention is, the higher the price will go. Soon you will be confronted with choices to remove or add to the ring, forcing you to go back to the drawing board. Some designs aren’t possible because they can compromise the structure of the ring. Outlandish designs with thin lines can make even the strongest rare metals, brittle enough to become bent or completely misshapen overtime.

The material you’ll use will determine two things; the weight of the ring overall, and the price. The denser the material is, the more of a burden it will be on your finger. The more expensive it is, the less likely you are to wear the ring every day. So is it really worth having an expensive ring which you can only wear once or twice a year at special occasions when you want to look especially glamorous? Silver is no slouch, but obviously less expensive than gold. However silver, unlike gold, is not purified to the best ability of the foundry or designer. Silver can be mixed with any metal, but most likely is steel or iron. Both these materials can rust, which causes a mixed silver ring to bleed green when worn in the shower.

All rings that you buy off the market will not fit snuggly on your finger as much as a custom ring will. Before the ring can be cast, the circumference of your ring finger will need to be measured accurately. Expert jewelers or professional luxury goods businesses will need to test rings onto your finger. Metals expand and contract according to the temperature so that a little extra room will be incorporated into the design. Without a proper measurement, this could mean the ring is too loose.

Luxury rings are symbolic, and not just fine piece of jewellery to admire. By designing your own ring, you inject your own flair and personality into the piece. The precious stones and silver or gold loop will be luscious and a statement about your character, so take your time and think carefully.