Inspire Cosmetics – Experience Box Review

Inspire Cosmetics is a high quality cosmetics line that wears like a second skin. With natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Vitamin E, C and A, all ingredients that protect the skin, help prevent breakouts and improve the resilience and appearance of your skin. Loaded with anti oxidants to keep you fresh and breathable. Many other cosmetics lines clog pores, wear very heavy and give the synthetic look.

The company has recently started a really unique service called The Experience Box. They want to make it easy for you to re-order your favorite Inspire products AND try new ones without breaking the bank! You get a box of amazing Inspire Cosmetics products delivered to your door every 3 months. The best part is YOU GET TO CHOOSE what goes in your box!

Find out more about the products I picked and my thoughts on them below.

Large Rounded Face Brush $31.00 CAD
This is a full-size brush that feels so luxurious. I was really shocked at how soft this brush feels against the skin. It’s designed to work with creams and powders and it’s handmade for long-lasting durability. When I was cleaning the brush, I also noticed very minimal shedding. On top, it’s vegan!

Breathless Get Cheeky Blush $18.00 CAD
This ultra satin, lightweight blush comes in perfectly pigmented, illuminating colors, tinting cheeks for a glowing finish. I love how buttery the blush feels to the touch and its micro fine formula never looks flat or dry. This colour, specifically, is so pretty and I love how long it lasts on my oily skin. It’s slowly becoming my daily blush for the last month. (Scroll down to see the swatch)

Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover $19.00 CAD
This super gentle, natural-based eye make up remover keeps the delicate skin under your eye soft and nourished. I’ve had eyelash extensions for the past 2 months, so I’ve been on a look out for any type of oil-free makeup remover. The special formula makes for a smooth and easy clean up, no oily residue. What’s great is that it even removes waterproof makeup as well. By having chamomile and aloe in its formula,

Naked Truth Moisturizing Lipstick $20.00 CAD
I’m sad to say that this is my least favourite product out of the 4 that I had received. Not that the lipstick isn’t nicely formulated, it is, but the colour is just not a match for my skin tone. The colour looks so good when it’s swatched on my arm, but once I applied it onto my lips, the colour makes my lips look almost grey/white and thus, not flattering. I do have to say that I really like how smooth the product glides onto my lips.

If you’re interested in ordering anything from Inspire Cosmetics, you can use the code ITSMYTREAT to received 10% off our first order!