Bizarre Beauty Secrets from Around the World

It’s no secret that people have done a lot of weird things to look more beautiful. We pull of our body hair with hot wax, bleach and tan our skin, and stumble around on ridiculously high heels; yet these are rituals that are rather common to our ears.

Here is an outline of other downright strange beauty rituals around the world, emphasising what beauty is really all about – bizarre behavior and routines that only the gorgeous individuals know the true secrets behind.

Swiss Sheep Placenta
You’ve heard about those who eat placentas, right? Let’s not go any further with that one; in Switzerland, you can apparently gain its benefits by drinking capsules with sheep placenta. They extract it by using a syringe and immediately freeze-dry the extracts to preserve the benefits of the antioxidants.

If it sounds like something for you, you can have a look at this site; there are rumors online that you can even have it injected, but these gel capsules seem a bit less dramatic.

Scandinavian Fish Oil
They’re all about their lack of vitamin D up north and sure know how to compensate for it. As a child, you’d have spoonfuls of cod oil ushered into your mouth whether you liked it or not, and parents keep reminding their grown-up children to drink fish oil throughout every season. It’s more for health than for beauty although these two often go hand-in-hand.

Scandinavians are also the type who would wear sun lotion even when it’s cloudy outside to protect their skin – it’s a rather expensive type of face cream for daily use, yet it seems to work for them.

Israeli Snake Massage
Looking for something a bit more creepy? If you would love the relaxing feeling of having snakes crawling all over your back, you can treat yourself and a lucky friend to a trip to an Israeli spa that offers snake massages for about $80 per session.

For your deeper muscle tensions, they’ll call in their larger snakes – and if you’re just after the calming sensation of slippery creatures all over your back, you can settle for the smaller ones. Don’t worry, though, they’re not venomous – at least not if they’d like you to come back.

Chilean Snail Slime
Have you ever tasted snails? Paired with something tasty to dip them in, most people find them rather tasty – as long as they don’t think about it too much, of course. Chilean snail farmers noticed how silky smooth their hands were after handling the snails, and the beauty industry was quick to add their slime into gels and lotion.

It’s the one that makes the most sense of all these strange beauty rituals, so why not pair your snail-appetizer with a hydrating lotion, feeling their soothing benefits on the outside – and the inside.

Even if you don’t believe this will make you more beautiful than a good night sleep, regular workouts and sufficient hydration, you can check them out whenever you’re traveling. It will be an experience if nothing else, and as long as you don’t have to eat the placenta, you’ll be alright.