Engagement Ring 101: The Stone Options

Women go crazy for engagement rings, and with good reason. It is a symbol of your love and impending nuptials, so you want something that brings you to your knees. However, even though it is a scenario a lot of ladies have played out in their head, choosing the right one isn’t easy. In fact, with all the variety, it is down right difficult. The trick is to separate the features into bite size chunks and deal with them one by one. Today, it is the turn of the stone. Below are the available options. All you have to do is choose the one that stands out the most.

A Diamond
Of course, a diamond is without a doubt the most popular choice for an engagement ring. Even with the alternatives, couples buy diamonds like they are about to go out of fashion. A piece of advice: they never will! A traditional ring, as the term suggests, suits a traditional bride. If you want a big wedding with all the trimmings, a diamond is a way to go. Also, a rock is a great option for women that can’t decide or have FOMO. FOMO is the fear of missing out, which means you are better off being safe than sorry.

A Knot
This one is a metal ring which twists into a knot at the top symbolizing your relationship. Now, it is worth noting that it is as simple as it sounds. Still, this is what lots of women want from an engagement ring. If your tastes are not grandiose, this is the one. However, if you like the style but want a bit more glamor, it is possible. Jewelry stores do use precious metals, so even a basic one is high karat gold or silver. But, you can mix two metals together to add a striking contrast. Plus, it takes the relationship metaphor to the next level.

A Gemstone
What is great about a gemstone is that it is personal. Everyone has a stone allocated to them from their date of birth. For instance, those of you born in February get Amethyst whereas people in July get a ruby. And, the choice doesn’t stop at one if you are lucky because December has three. If you prefer, you can pick any that you like because it doesn’t even have to correlate to your birthday. Some women choose their mothers or grandmothers stone to remember them if they are no longer here. Or, some choose one with a meaning which they relate to the most.

An Heirloom
Speaking of mothers and grandmothers, they might have a ring that they want to pass on. It isn’t unusual for the ladies in the family to pass heirlooms down through the generations. The great thing about this tradition is that you get a beautiful ring that has sentiment. The result is a much more personal affair than a diamond your partner bought from a store. Plus, and not to be crass, but it is the cheapest option by far.

No one likes to admit it, but money is a factor.