Walk Away from Negativity before it takes over your Life

Negativity is a beast that feeds off your fears, doubts, and insecurities. Slowly, one tear at a time, it can take over your mind and your whole life until everything that is left is an empty shell. Negativity is one of the most destructive feelings. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult to fight off, even though you are the one creating these negative thoughts. It’s a beast that appears when you are feeling down and when your self-esteem is shattered. Whether you feel you can’t meet the standards of beauty, or you are going through a hard breakup, negativity is the little voice that you hear at the back of your mind, and that tells you that you deserve every bit of it. Don’t listen to it. Nobody deserves to feel miserable. Instead, consider these new ideas when you feel sorry for yourself. Ugliness, solitude, and worthlessness are dangerous emotions, but they should never define you.

Feeling Ugly For The Wrong Reasons
If you’ve opened a fashion magazine recently, you’ve probably seen plenty of size zero girls in clothes that most of us can’t even fit in. Now ask yourself: Does it matter? Do you have to fit a size zero to be pretty? The answer is: No, you don’t. The world is full of beautiful people; they all come in different shapes and sizes. But as long as everyone can accept they own sense of beauty matter what the rest of the world thinks? Don’t let the way others might look at you define how you should feel about yourself. You are beautiful if you feel like it, not if they say so.

Thinking Single Equals Failure
Who has not suffered after a hard breakup? If you are still missing your ex, you need to ask yourself whether you are missing the connection you had together or the feeling of being loved. If this is the latter, focus on loving yourself and meeting new people; you are indeed missing them for the wrong reasons. However, if you used to have something strong together, maybe you’d like to run an eye over this article: How to get your ex back – 5 steps from my relationships center. You might find useful tips. The bottom line about relationships is that you need to make the difference between missing your ex for who they are or missing them because you hate being lonely.

Believing You’re Not Good Enough
Sometimes, things feel too complicated, and you feel too weak for everything. Whether you’ve just had a bad day, or you’ve spilled coffee all over your favorite dress in front of your crush, the feeling of worthlessness is a classic one. It’s a feeling of shame, anger at yourself, and inferiority. It’s about believing that everyone else is better equipped than you at dealing with life. Here’s a tip for you: Everyone goes through dark times. Hang on; the sun will shine again. Just because things are not working the way, you hoped they would; it doesn’t mean that you are worthless. You are precious for who you are to your friends and family. Success doesn’t make you more valuable. Similarly, failure doesn’t reduce your worth. You matter, just as you are.