I’m gonna Make a Change

As humans, we tend to stick to what we know. We’re famous for not really venturing outside of our comfort zone, and when we do it’s either applauded or gasped at. Our actions are open to interpretation, even if we don’t intend for them to be or aren’t particularly wanting of the reception that we get. But what if we want to make a change … either to ourselves or how we are living our lives? What are the safe things to start off with before we throw ourselves into something completely?

Change Your Routine
There’s something quite satisfying about changing your routine, even if only for a week. Waking up an hour earlier, getting out of bed and making use of the time by doing something productive such as going or a bike ride or run before you go to work can be just enough to bring you round to the idea that change is good. At least, in some circumstances it is.

Change Your Hair
Our hair goes through so much in our lifetime, and often now just because of our penchant for dying it. The weather affects it, water affects it, each time we get it cut we are changing it … so what harm will a little colour do? Check out Top Shades Of Auburn Hair | beautifullyalive.org for inspiration on a different colour that may just suit you. Even if you have been dying your hair for years, it’s possible that you haven’t deviated far from the colour that you originally chose. The great thing about hair is that it can always be styled back – and if it’s a struggle to get it back to what it was before, there is always the option of a wig.

Change Your Style
Style is subjective, and you may find that something you like one year may fall totally out of favour with you the next. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fashions that you have coveted over the years. We are living in a time where it’s becoming more acceptable to dress the way that you want to (as long as it’s not offending anybody), so why not take advantage of this fact and go for it? You don’t have to traipse around several shops looking for something that takes your fancy anymore; it’s all online for you to peruse to your heart’s content.

Change The World
Once you’ve gained the confidence behind you and are accepting of change as a positive thing, that’s when you can start to make your mark on the world. Whether you want to introduce yourself with your creative poetry, words or art, or take a political stance – it all needs a grounding of self-belief behind it. It’s not something that comes naturally to a lot of people, so a determination and motivation to set you on your way wouldn’t be frowned at, either. Choose something that you’re passionate about and stick to it … you may just be surprised at where it gets you.