Embrace Every Part of You and Boost Self-Esteem

Women have a huge problem when it comes to identifying their own flaws and focusing on them. Most women are champions for the sisterhood though and will encourage, promote and back any other women in their tribe, friendship circle or even strangers. But when it comes to themselves, they can fall at the first hurdle and be completely self-critical of all matters of the body. While it’s easier said than done, it’s so important to ensure that we embrace every part of our being. This not only will take huge pressures away when it comes to body confidence but it can even go a long way to increasing self-esteem. Something we could all do with a boost in every now and again, wouldn’t you agree? With that in mind, I thought I would share some of the most common critiques women have on their bodies, and hopefully offer you an alternative way of looking or resolving them once and for all.

Stretch Marks and the Tummy Area
One of the biggest issues people have with their bodies are either stretch marks that have developed over time, through pregnancy or weight loss or gain, and of course the tummy area in general. But, our bodies can change as each year passes, and our tolerance to food and gaining weight can also fluctuate over the years. Our metabolism can change, and sometimes we need to make alternative lifestyle choices to suit the changes afoot. But that being said, these things are not something to be ashamed about. Having the confidence to feel better in your own skin can be achieved through a nutritionally balanced diet, some exercise, and learning to love who you are. After all, things like stretch marks will often share a story, such as pregnancy, or a weight loss. Celebrate who you are.

The Breast Area
Over time our breasts can change, and again this can be down to circumstances such as weight loss or breastfeeding, but as we get older and go through things like menopause, this can also have an effect on the breast area. While it shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of you don’t have to live with it and there are things you can do to improve the situation. Taking action such as exercise or trying some at home remedies can make a huge difference. Again, being proactive with an issue that causes you mental pain can go a long way to feeling better about it.

Our Skin Condition
Finally, our skin can be a real cause for concern, and adult acne amongst women is far more common than it used to be. This might be because of a change in diet or an increase in things like sugar. It could also mean you are not keeping yourself hydrated enough. Adult acne is far more common than we realise though, and more people are seeking out help and advice. Whether that is another home remedy that you try or seeking medical help through your local doctor. However, talking about it to friends may help you realise that more people struggle with it than you know.