How to be Green & Beautiful at the Same Time

It isn’t always easy being green, particularly if you’re also interested in beauty, fashion and skincare. Although a lot of products are dermatologically tested instead of being tested on animals, you can never be exactly sure what exactly goes into your cosmetics. Here are some ways to be planet friendly at the same time as maintaining your look…

Look For Cruelty Free Products
The best way to find cruelty is to look on PETA’s list of approved companies, which includes some of the giants like Urban Decay and NYX, so you can continue to use their products completely guilt free! Remember that although Asian skincare and makeup is really big right now, their animal cruelty laws are different, so their products may have been tested in ways that you aren’t totally comfortable with. If in doubt, steer away.

Use Natural Products
Of course, if you want to, you can steer away from chemicals and buy products that are as natural as possible. The no-poo movement involves you using things like vinegar and squeezed lemons to wash your hair instead of store bought products, but if that doesn’t sound like your thing then you could always look online for the best natural hair products instead. The best thing about more natural products is that they’re a lot less likely to strip the natural oils from your hair and skin so they’re definitely worth a try.

Recycle Your Packaging
If you’re a makeup and skincare fiend then you’ll know that you create a whole lot of empty packaging. Make sure you recycle it. Mac does a Back To Mac program in which they’ll give you a free lipstick if you return six empty containers to one of their stores, and let’s face it – we all need a new Ruby Woo. Companies like Lush and Origins also run similar schemes.

Go For Thrift Stores
If you love fashion then why not go for thrift store looks instead of going to cheap stores where workers made the clothes in less than ideal conditions? Vintage will always be in – look at the nineties revival that’s going on at the moment! – and you’ll be able to pair old, cool pieces with things in your closet to create incredible looks.

Donate Your Makeup
If you have makeup that you aren’t likely to use, for example in colours that don’t suit you or samples that you just aren’t feeling, why not donate them? Some charities will give them out to women who are less fortunate who need to dress professionally for job interviews, and a lot of homeless shelters are also looking for products like shampoo, conditioner and body wash, so if you have any products left over from Christmas gifts that you won’t use, it’s much better to donate them than to let them sit gathering dust in your bathroom. Shelters are also looking for sanitary protection products for women, so if you’re ever donating, they’ll always appreciate that kind of thing as well as cans of food.