Ease Those Night Before Jitters: How To Enjoy The Eve Of Your Wedding

As far as sleepless nights go, one of the worst you will ever encounter is the night before your wedding day. Of course, it’s still a pleasant feeling; those pre-ceremony jitters and the nervous excitement is all because of a very happy occasion. But what bride wants to turn up on the big day with eye bags the size of a Vivienne Westwood tote? The bride is arguably the biggest attraction of the wedding day, and you can expect to have a good few hours of people cooing over your dress, hair and makeup the next day. Your wedding day may also feel like an incredibly long day, and you need to have the stamina to be able to pull through. So, set a relaxing plan for the night before and you can wake up to your wedding refreshed and ready for the biggest day of your life.

Treat your skin
As it’s your wedding day, there’s a strong chance that you have booked a professional makeup artist to give you that glowing bride look. But just as a house cannot be built without good foundations, you need to make sure that you skin is in top condition before any make up even graces its surface. Soft, flawless skin is a must on your wedding day, whether we are talking about your face or decolletage (if your dress is low cut). Treat yourself to some bath-related goodies from a company such as Feel unique and settle in for a good pamper session. Body scrubs help to get rid of dead skin and moisturizers help to keep skin soft, supple and dewy looking.

Wash your hair
Just as you have booked a professional makeup artist for the morning of your wedding, you will probably have a hair stylist coming in too. After all, who can really be bothered with a hair disaster right before their wedding? However, it’s vital to speak to your hairdresser about what to do with your hair prior to his or her visit. If your style is a complex updo, you may need to have second or even third-day hair in order for the style to hold. Either way, it is better to wash your hair the day before your wedding rather than on the morning of. It saves you time and your hair will have had the chance to produce some of its natural oils, making it easier for the stylist to work with.

Eat healthily
You may spy that pizza takeout menu in your kitchen drawer and be tempted to order in the night before your wedding. But any food that is overly fatty or salty can prove disastrous for your big day. Firstly, it can lead to bloating – not ideal when your dress is already a little on the tight side as it is. Secondly, everyone gets a severe case of nerves on their wedding day. A big, heavy meal can make this worse and can also increase the chances of you being sick. Stick with a small, but nutritious, home cooked meal – think something like a healthy pasta dish, or perhaps chicken breast with veggies. And stick with water or fruit juice, as there will be plenty of opportunities for alcohol the next day!