Busy Not Boring – Breathtaking Barbados

When planning a honeymoon, most people have a checklist in their head of what they want from it. More often than not, the idea of sandy beaches, a warm temperature and a pool to relax by are the main points – and who wouldn’t want that? – but nowadays we want a just bit more to keep us entertained and busy whilst on holiday.

Barbados is a little country with a lot to offer. Full of culture, it embodies all of the desired checklist plus more; the food is fantastic, the wildlife is something to behold and the locals are some of the most welcoming people you will ever meet. Mix that together with a variety of things to keep you occupied throughout the day and you’ll wonder why you booked a return flight!

Whilst the weather is warm, Barbados does have a rainy season which runs from June to October. However, the pouring rain makes for a fantastic sight and is quickly drained away – whilst not breathtakingly beautiful in the traditional sense, it is certainly an experience.

Here are a few top things to do should you be choosing this enchanting destination as The One…

Try the Rum
Barbados is famous for its rum, with production dating back to the mid-17th century. Why not take a tour around a visitor centre whilst sipping on a glass of traditional rum punch, or even go and visit an old plantation? From sugar cane fields to magnificent abbeys, there is a lot of history behind this drink – and it’s all there waiting to be explored.

See the Sea
And not from a lounger on the beach! One of the most enchanting things about this tiny island is that it is blessed with both a sea and an ocean. To the West the Caribbean Sea laps gently at the beaches; to the East, the Atlantic Ocean thumps at a rugged landscape. The difference between the two expanses of water is one of the great wonders of nature, with the views at Bathsheba being cited as one of the most romantic. While it’s not really recommended that you swim on the East coast due to dangerous conditions, the Caribbean Sea offers a myriad of wonderful things to do, from kayaking to swimming with turtles.

Walk the Gap
St. Lawrence Gap in the parish of Christ Church offers a hub of entertainment throughout the day and the night. From lively clubs to mouth-watering restaurants, relaxed shopping and the beach within a stone’s throw, you will definitely not be short of things to do. There are a number of villas for rent close by which will keep you on the edge of it all, ready to jump back into the action at a moment’s notice. Throughout July, the annual celebration of Crop Over takes place, making The Gap come alive even more so. Everybody is invited to join in the celebrations, which commemorate the end of the sugarcane crop year.

So if it’s history, beautiful scenery, a chance to relax, an opportunity to get involved or even just a quiet walk along the beach you want, this honeymoon top-spot has got it covered. It’s not hard to see why…