How To Have A Dreamy Camping Vacation (That’s More Romantic Than You Think!)

Holidays with your partner are a great way to reconnect after time apart. Maybe one of you works away, or perhaps you just have such busy lives that you don’t get many chances to spend quality time together. Of course, many of us live with our partners, especially if we are married. But consider if flopping on the sofa together after long days at work is actually ‘quality time’? Our work/life balance can often become quite skewed, which is what leads many of us to drift from our partners, simply because we don’t have the time for them. This is a sad reality of modern life, but it doesn’t need to always be this way.
Make use of your annual leave from work by planning a fun holiday together. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy. After all, if you are saving up for something expensive together, like a home, you won’t want to be splashing the cash on a pricey vacation. This is why camping could be perfect for your next trip away together – or even for your honeymoon! Read on to find out how to camp like a pro.

Choose a Beautiful Destination
One of the benefits of camping is that you can get super close to nature. There’s nothing like waking up to morning sunlight streaming through your tent and the sound of birds singing. Much more romantic that a standard room in a chain hotel, right?! Find out where you are allowed to camp – in some areas it is illegal to pitch up, so try to avoid being asked to move on. However, some national parks have places in them where you can camp. That way, you are on the doorstep of some of the most naturally beautiful places in the world.

Make Sure you Have the Right Equipment (and know how to use it!)
Have you ever heard the phrase ‘all the gear, no idea’? This is a term that often turns out to be quite accurate for first-time campers! But, mastering the art of outdoor living might be easier than you think. First things first, get a waterproof tent that’s big enough for you, your partner AND your possessions. Then work out where you are going to sleep. You could get an inflatable mattress for your tent, or thick sleeping mats. But if you want the true outdoors experience, hammocks have got to be the way to go. Just make sure you know how to operate your hammock suspension systems, for maximum safety. No one wants to be woken up in the middle of the night falling out of their hammock!

Up the Romance Factor
If you’re camping for your honeymoon, or simply using it as a way to reconnect with your partner, don’t think just because you’re not in luxury that it can’t be romantic. Bring lots of blankets and cosy up together on camping chairs to watch the sun go down, or toast marshmallows on an open fire. Part of the beauty of camping is that you have no modern distractions around you like television or computers. So, you will have each other’s attention 100% of the time. With that in mind, there’s never been a better time to go outdoors!