Glow On Your Big Day With These Top Wedding Makeup Tips

Choosing your wedding make up is just one of the huge decisions you’ll need to make before the big day. Chances are, you’ll have booked a hairdresser or stylist to come over in the morning to give you that stunning, fairytale princess hair. But if your makeup doesn’t follow suit, it can let down the whole look. You may decide to do your makeup yourself or have a professional brought in to do it for you. Whatever you choose, check out these tips to make your wedding make up both beautiful and memorable.

Your Skin
Most brides want to wear makeup that will make it look like they have a flawless complexion. The key is to have it look as though you’re not actually wearing any make up and as though you are fresh-faced and healthy. You may have been up til 3am the night before stressing about the big day, but your guests don’t need to know that! Thankfully, certain products can give you a beautiful bridal glow. First, prime your skin to rid it of excess oil and to make your makeup stay on throughout the day. Choose a lightweight foundation that isn’t too far away from your natural skin tone and finish with a highlighter for a dewy glow.

Your Eyes
Once your base is done, you can start to think about the rest of your face. Your eyes are the most expressive part of your face, so you will have to think about how you are going to make them stand out in pictures. Generally, super heavy eye make up is a no-go for a wedding. It will only look harsh against your white dress, and too dark for a daytime look. Instead, focus on making your eyes shine and ‘pop’. This doesn’t mean to say you need to shy away from colour. A shiny bronze eye can work for a bridal look – or keep it traditional with a subtle pale pink. If you really want to draw attention to your eyes, consider wearing a pair of flutter lashes. The good thing about fake eyelashes is that you can go as subtle or as dramatic as you like depending on colour, length and curl.

The thought of glitter might bring up painful memories of bad middle school makeup. However, it has really come into it’s own during the last year. The good thing is, it’s not just for teenagers! Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Kesha started the trend, but it has now developed into a much more wearable form of make up. If you are feeling a little adventurous, you can even pull it off on your wedding. They key is to keep it subtle. Either rock it on your eyelid or brow as part of your regular make up, or use it as an ‘accent’ to decorate your temple. Stick to basic colours such as silver to keep it ‘wedding appropriate’. It will certainly add some sparkle to your day!