Flowers Arrangements For A Gorgeous Fall Wedding

Summer might be the most popular time to have a wedding, but fall shouldn’t be overlooked. The gorgeous changing leaves can make for a spectacular backdrop to your wedding photos, and there are lots of fun ways you can decorate for the season. Plus having a wedding in the fall might save you some money, since at peak season everything will be more expensive. One great thing about a fall wedding is the types of flowers you can get. Out go the pretty pink blooms and in come interesting varieties in warmer shades. These can make your fall wedding look truly breathtaking. Here are some of the different types of flowers you could consider for your fall wedding.

Sunflowers Mixed With Wildflowers
This bright, cheerful flower is a favorite for the end of summer and early autumn and is a great choice through to September. Mix with wildflowers and lush greenery for a rustic and unfussy look, although sunflowers work well in lots of different combinations. Wildflowers are a beautiful way to bring charm to your wedding, they’re inexpensive and in a lot of cases can pick them yourself for free. Just make sure you’re not trespassing on land, or taking flowers without permission as this isn’t allowed.

Gerberas in Autumnal Shades
These large, bold flower heads look amazing in their shades of yellow, orange, and red. You could either choose a single color for your bouquet and decorations, or blend a mixture for a spectacular fiery display that is perfect for your autumn wedding. Gerberas mean ‘innocence’ and this wide-eyed daisy really does bring in that innocent charm.

Dahlias and Antique Hydrangeas
Large ‘dinner plate Dahlias’ are a gorgeous choice for wedding flowers. While they look lovely in shades of pink for summer weddings, they are equally beautiful in corals and oranges as part of a fall flower display. They pair beautifully with antique hydrangeas with their shades of green and lavender for a stunning display. For more unusual blooms like this, you may have to search online or ask at a selection of different florists. You could try searching ‘florists near me’ to bring up your local flower shops.

Roses With Berries and Autumn Leaves
Since roses come in so many different shades, they make a fantastic addition to an autumnal wedding bouquet. You could opt for vibrant red or orange, or go with lovely paler coral and peach hues. Combine with colorful fall leaves and berries for a seasonal look.

Fall Table Decorations
For an exciting and fun way to display your wedding flowers, why not arrange them in a pumpkin? This is a unique way to make the most of the fall and bring the season into your wedding. You could keep the pumpkins as they are, or even paint them white depending on the type of look you were going for! If you’re particularly crafty, you could also make some decorations which would save money too. For example, how about tealight candle holders decorated with autumn leaves, or mini pumpkin placeholders? After a summer of traditional same-y weddings, this is something different that your guests are bound to love!