Why You Should Plan Your Engagement With Precision

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you may be wondering where it’s heading. Relationships are difficult to maintain if you feel they are stagnant. Instead, we look to strive forward in our lives, looking to our futures. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for your partner to pop the question? Or maybe you’ve been trying to avoid having ‘that’ conversation yourself?

There is a lot to be said for talking about it with your partner. It gives you both a chance to check you are on the same page. And it can be better for the long term if you both put forward your expectations at the beginning. If you think your relationship could progress to marriage, why not talk about it? You don’t have to drop hints or wait for years for him to guess you want a proposal. Why not take a trip away so you can relax and figure things out?

Of course, an engagement is a pretty big deal. It’s the time when you meet the parents and let them know that you’re bringing another person into the family. It’s also the time when you may have to deal with a few difficult issues from both families too! Making your relationship formal in this way can be challenging news for some members of the family. Planning your announcement can be one way to prepare for the mixed feelings that may come up.

Start by picking a ring. This should be entirely your choice and taste. Don’t buy a ring based on other people’s expectations. This season is all about contrasting colours and design. You might choose black opal engagement rings set with brilliant white diamonds. Or maybe rich ruby colors and pinks could be the hot colour you like? You have a wide choice of band colours too, although you may want to match this to your wedding band.

Now you need to organise a gathering to make your announcement. You might invite everyone to your place for a dinner party. Or you might prefer to host a big event at your favourite venue so you can let everyone know at once. Sometimes it can be a good idea to speak to each set of parents alone at first. They may have questions they don’t want to ask in public. If they are quite traditional, it could be polite to follow customs. Perhaps your partner would like to ask your Father’s permission?

Parents can also worry about the cost of a wedding. This may feel like a downer point at your engagement party, but it may be brought up. If you don’t have a plan for the wedding yet, then it may be difficult to put their minds at ease. You might like to throw a random figure out there as a budget. Talking to your partner about the kind of wedding you might both like can help you ‘guesstimate’ how much money you may need from your parents.

Having a solid plan for becoming engaged and announcing it can reduce the amount of pressure you might feel later on. It also helps you both figure out how you want to proceed with the wedding. Most importantly, you’ll know where your relationship is heading! Congratulations.