My wedding reception & other details

This is probably going to be my last post before 2016…so I think it’s only appropriate that I end with another wedding series. Today I’m going to be sharing photos from my wedding reception, other details pertaining to the restaurant and a lot of my DIY wedding pieces.

I think it’s fair to say that Jeff and I are pretty unconventional. Aside from wanting a very intimate reception, we both voted for Japanese food without any hesitation since we both could probably eat sushi for the rest of our lives. One of our favourite Japanese restaurants is Japanese Ramen King. This place was perfect because:
1) Their sushi is hands down, one of the freshest in the area
2) It’s a small and intimate restaurant thus, we had the possibility of renting out the entire restaurant. We catered to exactly 20 people in the restaurant.
3) Their staff are super friendly and extremely helpful throughout the entire wedding and planning process. We were able to decide on our own menu and also cater it to some of our guests who didn’t eat raw fish
4) The restaurant already had really pretty decor, thus, less work for me

Let me take you through our night…

This was our handmade Photo Booth that was in the front entrance of the restaurant. I made most of the Sailor Moon related props while the others were purchased from Hot Topic and Dollarama. I put an Instax camera there for the guests to use with enough films for the entire night. I had purchased the decor from Michaels and wrote the instructions by myself. This was a really simple way to make a photo booth without breaking the bank.

These were our wedding favours, which were a mixture of different types of cacti. To be honest, our goal with the favours was to find something that our guests wouldn’t throw away instantly. Haha! I had purchased them from Rona and Home Depot, and I had to go a few different locations to find different types. In the end, I discovered Sheridan Nurseries with so many different types of cacti. I regret not going there first. I wrapped each of them with burlap and tied a bow around them along with the “Let Love Grow” signs that I made.

The only decorations we really needed to add around the restaurant were the balloons. We had black and clear balloons to go with the overall colours of the restaurant. It was quite the experience as we had never used a helium tank to blow up 30″ balloons. (We lost one to the ceiling) So luckily, we bought some extra balloons and helium tanks. The staff at the restaurant also helped us to blow up balloons and put up the decor. All were purchased at Michaels – to save money we actually used their 50% off coupon that they have from time to time on one regular priced item. Yes, we went to a few Michaels and purchased many of the items separately.

Our beautiful wedding cake created by Cakelette Bake Shop. I ordered a custom Ferrero Rocher chocolate naked cake and it was super delicious! Melissa is really talented and comes highly recommend by me. My cake topper, which goes pretty well with my Sailor Moon obsession, was purchased through this eBay seller from Vancouver.

Our guests had a really great night and were all blown away at the quality food and the service. We had so much food left over that many of our guests got to take some home. Japanese Ramen King really did above and beyond for our wedding and even their staff had a fun time playing games with us. I really couldn’t thank them enough for our night! So if you’re in the area and are craving for some good sushi, go grab lunch or dinner and I promise you won’t regret it.

Photography: Kat Rizza & Japanese Ramen King’s staff
Location: Japanese Ramen King 3278 Midland Avenue, Unit D-106, Toronto, ON M1V 0C9
Decor: DIY by the bride