Travel essentials from farley co

Though Summer might be behind us, it is usually around this time that some of us like to enjoy a little Fall getaway because let’s face it, flights are so expensive during the peak seasons. So whether you’re planning for a weekend getaway to somewhere within the country or your dream vacation, you don’t want to forget these few travel essentials from Farley Co. Whether you are looking for beauty enhancers, solutions to a problem or simply personal pampering, their full range of beauty products and accessories include a wide spectrum of answers.

Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit Soap & Mending Kit – I’m personally not a big fan of hotel soaps, especially the ones that are right next to the sink. Thus, I usually bring my own soap bar whenever I’m traveling. This specific bat from Baylis & Harding is a pure vegetable soap, which is super gentle on the skin. A mending kit is definitely a “must” in any travel bag of mine. Being such a clumsy person, I can almost guarantee that I’ll tear something on my skirt or lose a button during the day. This cute mending kit includes 6 coloured threads, 6 needles, 2 buttons and 1 safety pin, which will prevent any type of wardrobe malfunctions.

Steripod Travel-Friendly Toothbrush Sanitizer – Not only is it convenient to clip on a toothbrush before putting it in your cosmetic bag, Steripod is a natural antibacterial toothbrush sanitizer. It releases natural germ-killing vapors from a thyme tablet in the pod, which provides up to 3 months of protection!
X3: Clean Pocket Sized Hand Sanitizer – Hand washing isn’t always possible while on a travel adventure, so this sanitizer ensures clean hands when soap and water aren’t available. You’ll always find some kind of hand sanitizers in my purse and this little one from X3: Clean is one of my favorites! It’s so gentle on the skin and it doesn’t have a strong smell.

Velvet Touch Natural Hair Remover – Mid-vacation stubble? Bring along this Velvet Touch Natural Hair Remover, a fast and gentle way to get soft, hair-free skin. This product gently buffs away hair the all natural way and exfoliates leaving your skin silky soft. Note that this product works best with corse hair and don’t buff too hard otherwise it will leave a burning sensation.
COLAB Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo – You may have already tried the new COLAB invisible Dry Shampoo formulation, but this Extreme Volume formula is amazing! This range features an extreme plumping powder for instant back-combed volume, texture and life while still refreshing the roots. This dry shampoo is small enough to fit inside your purse and it’s a great way to maintain your volume throughout all your travel adventures.