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This week’s Fashion Magazine Beauty Panel challenge is all about white eyeliner. “Gyaru” is a Japanese transliteration of the English word “gal”. The Gyaru subculture in Japan not only has a huge influence on fashion but also on the makeup trends as well. Aside from false lashes, nude lips and winged liner, Gyaru makeup is known for using white liners to create brighter and more dolly eyes.

Not being a huge fan of pencil liners, I prefer to use an eyeshadow pencil to create the same look. Eyeshadow pencils are a lot smoother and creamier than normal pencil liners and thus, you’ll avoid tugging and pull on your eyes during the application process. In order to achieve this Gyaru makeup style, simply follow these steps:

1) Use your favorite foundation all over your face to cover any blemishes. Since the focus of this look is on the eyes, be sure to conceal the lips to get the absence of colour.
2) Only 3 neutral eyeshadows are needed for this look. Apply the lightest eye shadow you’re using all over the eyelid and the second lightest colour on the lid only. Then use the darkest colour just right above the lash line and outer corner to create more depth.

3) Using a white eyeshadow pencil, highlight the inner corner of your eyes and line the lower lash line. Blend with your ring finger as it is key for a gradient effect. At this point, you can apply the false lashes.
4) Apply nude lip colour and blush and you’re done your Gyaru makeup!

Products Used:
1) CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Crystal Flame
2) CoverGirl LipPerfection Lip Colour in Creme
3) Avon Anew Transforming 2 in 1 Compact (Buy here)
4) Mark. Avon Colour Swing Mix It Up Eye Compact (Buy here)
5) Mark. Avon Blooming Pretty Highlighting Face Powder (Buy here)

Mark. Avon Blooming Pretty Highlighting Face Powder is so pretty! It’s a great reminder that spring is upon us. It delivers a touch of colour plus the sheerest, softest glow. The golden shade can be used as a highlighter and then the two pinks can brighten up your cheeks. You can even swirl all three shades together for an all-over glow.

Mark. Avon Colour Swing Mix It Up Eye Compact is really neat! It comes with 3 bright shades on one side and 3 neutral shades on the other. I love the texture of these shadows. They are silky and velvety, which makes them glide so smoothly onto my lids. Not to mention that they blend really well as well. I personally I love the neutral side more than the bright side because the colors are just more wearable on a regular basis.

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  • pretty make-up look! Love the way neutral color palette