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This limited edition collection of intricate, textured nail appliques is inspired by couture house Marchesa’s signature designs. Available in 8 red-carpet ready shades at Walgreens, CVS, and select retailers nationwide through Fall 2013.

1. Select the size that best fits nail.
2. Applique should not touch skin or cuticle. Press applique firmly over entire surface of nail.
3. Fold remaining applique over natural tip and remove excess material by filing in a sideways motion in one direction.
I’m always pro designer collaborations and I think these nail strips are a perfect example of how the fashion and the beauty world can indeed collide together. Each package of Revlon by Marchesa 3D Jewel Appliqués includes 18 stickers, a tiny plastic cuticle stick nail file. What sets these nail stickers apart from the others in the market is that these are not made from nail polish. Thus, they will have a longer shelf life because they will not dry out even if the package has been opened. I was so excited to try these limited edition Revlon by Marchesa nail strips and I had no luck of finding them at my local drugstores until very recently. I picked up 3 of the colour selections: Royal Burgundy, Gilded Mosaic and my personal favourite, 24K Brocade.

It breaks my heart to say this, but these are not my favourite nail strips. In fact, I didn’t enjoy them at all other than the really, really, really gorgeous design. For those who have read my previous reviews on nail strips, you may probably remember that I have a very curved natural nail bed. so I experienced some slight folds in application. Plus, these are very thick and not as thin as other Revlon nail strips or Sally Hansen nail strips that I have tried before. Therefore, it’s not as easy to pull or smooth out those folds. The application process was not smooth. I’ve had better luck with the Kiss and Avon nail strips during the application process.
I also find that the wear on these stickers are not that great. After 3 days, I started to notice some chipping and tip wear. So I redid my nails after that. So considering that these were close to $10 CAD after tax and I can only wear them for maybe a maximum of a week, is rather pricey in my opinion. So overall, I have to say that these are not my favourite nail strips on the market right now. Yes, the design is stunning but I have to say that there are better nail strips/stickers available on the market right now.
Product (2/5)
Cost (3/5)
Ease of Use (2/5)
Packaging (5/5)

  • Totally bummed about the application/lasting power of these! My closest drugstore has yet to stock these nail appliques, and I’ve been stalking them almost weekly.. I may still try one just for the gorgeousness of the patterns!