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These Minions from Despicable Me 2 at McDonald’s are all the craze right now among my friends. I keep seeing it on everyone’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And yesterday, JL and I went purposely went on a Minions Mission to 10 different McDonald’s to look for these toys. I’m still missing the one-eyed one, which I believe it’s not out yet, but numbers 1-6 is already available at your local McDonald’s. I got a lot of requests asking where I went to collect them and let me tell you, it was a very tiring journey! In total, we went to 10 different McDonald’s but not every single one of them had the Minions. I’m going to list them below where I got each of them.

Left to Right:
1) Shocked Faced: Warden/Steels McDonald’s (This I actually got last week)
2) Green Gun: McCowan/Finch McDonald’s
3) Banana: Sheppard/Warden McDonald’s
4) Taller One: Kennedy/Denison McDonald’s
5) Red/Blue Gun: Somewhere on Yonge close to Aurora (JL went to get this one for me at 3 in the morning)

Hope this helps! Happy hunting everyone!

PS, my friend was telling me that the McDonald’s at Young/Sheppard also have plenty of them!
PPS, remember you can trade in old toys (not opened) for the new toys! I’ve been doing this since I was a kid!
PPPS, if you are interested in a giveaway of these Minions, please comment in the section below to let me know! McDonald’s Canada has kindly contacted me to provide me with a full set of these Minions! :)

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