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I’m always in search for rings. More specifically, I’m always looking for rings that fit my small fingers. For those who have been a long-time follower of mine might remember me talking about the problem with my tiny fingers here & here. Basically, I can never find rings that fit properly without falling off. When I read Andrea’s Fashion Dose’s post here about hardware store equipment that can be turned into rings, I quickly made a stop there over the weekend. And to my surprise, I found the perfect sleeves and tubes that were great finger accessories. Not only do they fir my tiny fingers, but it cost me less than a $5. (I also have a store credit for the store). In case you’re wondering, the gold rings are called compression sleeves (they come in various of sizes) and the brass tubes are from the plumbing section. So if you are in search for some new accessories, I highly suggest checking out your local hardware store to find some inspirations.