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Can you actually believe that these photos were taken at around 5:15 in the morning? Yes, I was camwhoring that early in the morning! Haha! Last Sunday, we (Joyce, Rica, Michele and I) went on a road trip to Buffalo, New York. We had two purposes for the trip: 1) the launch of Jason Wu x Target, 2) to celebrate Rica’s birthday! We planned to start heading down to the States at around 6 in the morning, so it was extremely, extremely early!

The sun wasn’t even out when we started our trip. We were joking around and said that it was sorta romantic that we can all watch the sun rise together. Haha! It’s rather cute ~

We arrived at Target, but most of the Jason Wu products were gone already by 9am! We were so bummed that we weren’t able to get any of the purses and dresses! So bummed about that! So we went straight to the cosmetics section! Haha! Go figure! So happy that they sell ELF products! It’s such a pain to order them from the site and then have them shipped to Canada!

Joyce and her gigantic heart pillow! It’s very, very her! I wish there was space in my room for that!

The birthday girl and I

The birthday girl and Michele

The birthday girl and Joyce

For lunch, we headed to the Cheesecake Factory. Being a HUGE Big Bang Theory fan, it was so cool to visit Penny’s workplace. But as predicted, it was very different from the actual show.

The environment

One of the only group shots that we had from the entire day! I love you girls!

I ordered the orange chicken lunch and it was one of the most delicious dishes of all time! It had a very unique taste like nothing that I’ve had before. I would definitely order it again and highly recommend this dish.

PS, haul post will come next! I haven’t gotten the chance to take a photo yet!
PPS, today is the SECOND ANNIVERSARY of THISWASFOREVER! Can you believe that it’s been two years also since I started this blog? Crazy how fast time flies! I have a GREAT giveaway waiting for you guys! So stay tune!