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Lisa’s Cosmetics and Fragrance Warehouse Sale
Date: November 19th – December 5th, 2011
Saturday: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 10:00am – 8:00pm

Category: Health & Beauty, Fragrances
Location: 1380 Rodick Road, Markham, Ontario
Methods of Payment: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Debit
E-Mail: lisascosmetics@bellnet.
No pictures, strollers and children under 12 allowed

Now let’s go inside…

The first thing that you notice when you walk into the sale is the crazy amount of nail stuff that they have! The prices are also really good! The only sad thing is that I was actually looking forward to purchasing some Borghese nail polishes, but the sale only had one box of them. So that means not many different colours to choose from. But they had TONS of Sally Hansen ones and for only $1 each, you can’t really go wrong!

Marcelle Cosmetics

A huge variety of Marcelle cosmetics for such amazing price! You can switch all you like and then decide which one you want to get. They have everything from eye-shadow palettes to lipsticks to mascaras to blushes. Anything you can come up with, they’ll have! There are also a lot of different colour choices as well!

Annabelle Cosmetics

There are as much Annabelle cosmetics as there are Marcelle! I’m loving all these Canadian brands available at this warehouse sale! Most of the makeup are only $1.99 each, which is like 80% off of the retail price!

Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics and Skincare

I would probably say that this is one of the most popular sections! All the Asian ladies quickly ran to this section when the sale first opened. The skincare products were really affordable and there are also gift-sets as well. I was so tempted to get this huge gift-set with TWO eye-shadow palettes and 10 other pieces of Elizabeth Arden makeup for only $29!

Smashbox Cosmetics

AMAZING prices and great deals! $25 for an entire gift-set of Smashbox cosmetics! These would definitely make really good Christmas presents! I know we all want to save money and I think this warehouse sale is a really good way to stock up on name brand cosmetics for all the women on your Christmas list! They have TONS of stock available!

Cargo Cosmetics

Something new this year that is available at the sale: CARGO MAKEUP! I heard amazing things about this brand and the gift-sets were only $10 each! I grabbed 3 of them to test out! I am the most excited about the Blu-Ray mascara from this brand and I really can’t wait to try it out! As you can see from the photos, these gift-sets are really popular and are starting to sell out really quickly!


This is my FAVOURITE part of the sale! All the fragrances, both for men and women, for a fraction of their retailed price. Unlike other sales that I’ve been to in the past, this sale stocks up on designer brands, such as Gucci, YSL, Marc Jacobs, Versace and etc. Their collection at the sale is actually quite impressive! Almost every brand and every collection you can think of, they have available at the sale!

Sorting Area and Cashiers

If you change your mind about some of the items you have in your bag, you can go ahead and sort them out at the sorting area! This is such a great way to stay on budget!

My Haul

These are the stuff that I picked up at the sale and everything came out to be under $100. Here is the list:
1) Various hair dyes by Garnier, Revlon and Clairol $5 each (I dye my hair on a monthly basis, so I’ll always be needing more!)
2) Cargo gift-sets $10 each
3) Intimately Beckham fragrance (30 ml) $13
4) Britney Spears Curious fragrance shimmer stick $3
5) Marcelle waterproof makeup remover for eyes and lips $5
6) Jean Paul Gaultier Madame Electric Glamour Palette Rock’n’Shock Pinks $5
7) Duracell rechargeable batteries $5.99 (Completely random but I’ve wanted this for my epilator, which runs on batteries!)

I would suggest checking out this sale if you have a lot of ladies on your Christmas list! It’s a great way to have amazing gifts for your family and friends without having to break the bank! Remember to go early because there will be a lot of people at the sale since it’s open to the general public. The sale will run for another 2 weeks!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the owner of the sale, Farah and her husband, Asif for allowing me to do this media coverage for them. I had a wonderful time!