Its Beauty is Surreal

Showroom dress, Lippy La Soup oversized leather clutch, random from Hong Kong plastic bow sandals, Casio watch
Hands down my two favourite purchases from Hong Kong thus far: this Showroom sailor-vintage-looking-polka-dot dress and this amazing handmade oversized envelope clutch. (It’s actually suppose to be a laptop bag, but no one has to know). It’s a good thing that I didn’t purchase the one from American Apparel because not only do I like this one more, but it’s also only a fraction of the price. Thanks to my amazing aunt (who is the most stylish person I know, no jokes!), she took me to a few new places to shop in Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀). Why have I only discovered these places now?

I went to the harbour front with JL last night hoping to find a good spot to take these outfit photos. Since it’s a tourist area, everyone was taking photos anyways so it wouldn’t be too awkward :) I’m still tempted to stand right in the middle of an intersection at Causeway Bay (which is one of the busiest places in HK) one day to take an outfit photo. But not sure if JL would be up to that cause he always feel so awkward taking outfit photos for me.

On another note, I had to purchase these sandals in order to save my feet from the agony of walking in heels for the entire day. Not only were they sore but my feet had nasty blisters all over them. Luckily in Hong Kong you can always find a place that sells flats for dirt cheap. I really have to learn to wear comfortable shoes when I’m in Hong Kong because walking is honestly the most common mode of transportation. Before I go, I’ll spam you with some photos from the habour in Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀). It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?