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ES A218 false lashes sponsored by kkcenterhk

These are the second set of lashes that were sponsored to me by kkcenterhk. (You can check out the first review of this company here). What I really like about these lashes is that they are really soft! When I have them on, I hardly notice that I’ve got false lashes on my eyes. It definitely doesn’t weight down the eyes like some other synthetic false lashes. These lashes are also very easy to apply. Unlike most lashes, when I bend these lashes before apply, they would stay in their bended shape. This means that they shape my eyes perfectly and the outer and inner corner will not come off. Like in the middle of the day, you look in the mirror and see that the inner corner of the lashes are starting to come off. I hate it when that happens! But this has never happened to these lashes.

These lashes are also extremely affordable because the entire box of 10 lashes only cost $10.94 USD. That equals to almost $1 per pair, which is a lot cheaper than Ardell or Revlon lashes. They definitely opened up my eyes with a very natural feel. I really like how even though they are very thick, but on my eyes they look so natural! Overall, I would certainly recommend these false eyelashes, they look great! They look natural and yet glamorous and not too much over the top! Plus, $10.94 USD for 10, you really can’t go wrong. Please check out kkcenterhk if you are looking for false eyelashes. Their prices are amazing and they have such a huge variety! Not to mention that they also have tons of stuff other than false lashes such as wigs, makeup, nail products and even fashion items! So what are you waiting for? :D